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Undertow Reviews (Xbox 360)

Everyone 10+
ESRB Rating
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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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5 point score based on user ratings.

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GamesFirst! (Dec 05, 2007)
Undertow is a compelling, strategic shooter with tons of replay value. Great design decisions make it not only a great buy, but a game that you'll likely come back to when you're done with Mass Effect or Half-Life 2. The 15-stage campaign might be somewhat disappointing, but the quality and the thought put into the game far surpasses that small blip on the radar. Undertow is 800 Microsoft Points, and worth every "virtual" penny.
GamePro (US) (Mar 10, 2008)
It's not often that you run across a good XBLA with flair all its own, but Undertow has it in spades. It may not be as fully developed as it could be from a single-player standpoint but those looking for a good multiplayer distraction can hardly do better.
I have to give a nod to the developers of Undertow for making, without a doubt, the best looking Xbox Live Arcade game to date. The fully 3D graphics, complete with water and lighting effects, look extremely good, with the underwater environments being especially impressive. People watching the game will no doubt think that you spent more than 10 bucks on it. So yeah, try the demo, tool around with it, but definitely give it a go, as it’s one of the best Xbox Live Arcade games available right now.
90 (Dec 07, 2007)
This game is great, but this is a tough time for it to release. Hopefully it’ll see some resurfacing popularity after the flood of titles this holiday season, but right now it’s just afloat in a sea of great games so it’s hard to get noticed. It’s great fun whether online or in single player and there’s some great support coming from the development team. There have been too many XBLA games that were left high and dry after release, and that doesn’t seem to be way these tides are flowing. Too many water puns? Because that’s really only a drop in the bucket...
Game Chronicles (Dec 07, 2007)
If you liked Geometry Wars then you will probably like Undertow and I highly recommend coughing up the 800 points to play it. At least check out the trial version to get a small taste. I seriously haven’t had this much with an arcade game in a long time. So grab a friend or two and I’ll see you under the ocean.
Game Vortex (Dec 10, 2007)
I really wish I saw more people playing Undertow online since it easily ranks among the Live Arcade's best games. Although I can see why few are playing (there isn't much that grabs you at the start), Undertow is still worth the time investment. Even if you already downloaded the demo and decided against a purchase, give it another try before completely writing it off.
GameZone (Jan 02, 2008)
With solid gameplay, a fun story, and a great online component, Undertow is a great addition to anyone’s Xbox Live Arcade library.
Daily Game (Dec 07, 2007)
For an Xbox Live Arcade game, Undertow has surprised us on all fronts. From it's simple but tight gameplay to the wow factor of the graphics that the Unreal Engine is known to make possible. While the gameplay is easy, we found the level of difficulty to be perfectly balanced and the vehicle upgrades to be a welcome addition to the standard shooter. We enjoyed the single-player campaign, but there's nothing like a 16 player team death match. We can safely say that Chair Entertainment has a hit on its hands and we can only hope they continue to break new ground with future releases.
TalkXbox (Dec 14, 2007)
Undertow stands tall above all other Xbox Live Arcade games as the best of the bunch and accomplishes this by being pure fun in a ten-dollar package. It goes without saying there’s a tremendous amount of value here with its robust single player campaign and two multiplayer modes. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or someone who enjoys a good game from time to time, its “pick up and play” simplicity will likely win you over the first time you play it. Undertow is a fantastic example of the creativity of independent developers and a hell of a fun game.
TeamXbox (Nov 16, 2007)
It’s hard not to go into any XBLA game with few expectations, given the lower purchase price and the often unknown names who are making many of them. However, Undertow is one of those rare surprises that at some times feels like a casual game—not because it’s easy to win, but because it’s easy to play—yet still delivers solid gameplay across its scope. And with Chair promising to support the game with new maps for players to download after its premiere, you have to expect that there’ll be reasons to dive into the Undertow ocean now and again.
IGN (Nov 20, 2007)
Undertow is a perfect fit for the Xbox Live Arcade. It's fast, fun, attractive and can support 16 players online. The concept is distilled down to the basics, letting the idea and its execution speak for themselves. At 800 Microsoft Points ($10 USD), this is a game that offers enough fun to support the price tag. Grab a few friends and dive in, the water's fine.
Planet Xbox 360 (Dec 20, 2007)
Undertow is one of those great games where the demo and description do not do it justice. It is one of the most addictive, challenging, and deepest games Live Arcade offers.
Gamernode (Dec 01, 2007)
Although the concepts may not be new, the setting and general feel of the gameplay help it to become one of the best original Live Arcade games. Why is no one playing it?
Gamer 2.0 (Dec 11, 2007)
Undertow is a finely crafted, refreshing piece of software that does a whole lot with very little. If playing alongside and against other players via Xbox Live or system link isn’t a viable option for you, splash about with the demo a bit and see how you feel. Everyone else, head for the deep end and dive right in.
82 (Nov 27, 2007)
All in all, Undertow is an enjoyable original XBLA title. And for the price of 800MS points ($10), this game is a steal. The XBLA is geared towards the more casual gamer to play the more casual game. But as the library of online games grow, so do expectations. This original IP is sure to please the casual audience as well as those who enjoy their online multiplayer experience. Chair Entertainment is one development studio to keep your eye on.
80 (UK) (Dec 09, 2007)
Undertow is a fun, no-brainer and is a welcome addition to Xbox Live. Make sure you convince a couple of mates to fork out for it as well and you'll have a blast.
Undertow is among the better XBLA games and one of the best originals to arrive so far.
1UP (Dec 13, 2007)
Undertow isn't quite a must-buy, but it's easily one of the more sensible ways to spend $10 online.
Gamers' Temple, The (Dec 06, 2007)
I wouldn't recommend the game to anyone who doesn't care for arcade-style two-stick shooters, but if this type of game does appeal to you then Undertow's multiplayer action definitely makes it worth a look.
75 (Jan 25, 2008)
Undertow est sans conteste l'un des titres les plus réussis du Xbox Live Arcade. Accessible sans être simpliste, beau et surtout très fun, le jeu convient parfaitement à son support. Cela dit, notez bien le titre ne s'adresse qu'aux fanas de frags et de parties multijoueurs, le solo n'étant rien d'autre qu'un petit amuse-gueule sans prétention. Undertow n'en reste pas moins une valeur sûre, une de ces petites pépites que l'on aimerait découvrir plus souvent dans cet océan de vieilleries.
Blend Games (Dec 20, 2007)
The multiplayer option really is the saving grace of this title. After playing alone for a couple hours I was ready to stick a tuning fork in my eye and strike it. When I logged onto XBox LIVE and saw how well organized the multiplayer is, and finding the insanely fun and co-operative nature this game is capable of, I had a change of heart. ChAIR should have just made the online portion of the game and replaced the campaign with a tutorial mode.
Worth Playing (Jan 24, 2009)
Undertow is a good fit for the Xbox Live Arcade. The action is fast and uncomplicated, it has plenty of options for the single-player and multiplayer experiences, and the tight controls do a good job of making the player want to partake in the action. It isn't a perfect game and, as mentioned before, standard-definition TV players will find nothing but misery with this title. As long as you have a high-definition TV set and an itch for some action in quick fixes, Undertow is a game that you should try.
70 (Jan 25, 2008)
Undertow has an odd, at times perplexing look. It's one of the few XBLA titles to use Epic Games' powerful Unreal Engine, and as such has a quality sheen that most will find impressive. The various unit types, especially the bigger, more powerful ones, certainly look cool, and there's plenty of muffled underwater explosions and slick water effects to please graphics whores. It can sometimes be very difficult to see what's going on, on account of it being a bit dark and the colours used not being bright enough in contrast to the dark blue sea background, but on the whole the game has a quality and gorgeous feel to it.
70 (Jan 30, 2008)
I know that’s not my place to tell you what you should do with the Undertow game, but I would love this game as a full-on side-scroller. Write a full back-story, use those creative minds to spin out some enemies, and let me blast my way through them. You’ve built a respectable multiplayer engine with the shine and polish lacking in a lot of games, now go and make the killer single-player game that’s waiting in the wings.
Gaming Age (Dec 20, 2007)
Undertow is a solid XBLA title; and fits that 800-point price range nicely. The main campaign is short on the standard difficulty, but it can become a frustrating experience on the Ultra mode unless you've got a buddy to help you out. I have a hard time holding the lack of online players against the game, but keep in mind if you're thinking about picking this up, you might want to talk a few of your friends into doing the same.
Game Shark (Jan 16, 2008)
This basically puts Undertow down as a very beautiful, very enticing Arcade title, but one that can quickly lose its luster after some time. There will be a very heavy draw to this game for people who just want to pick up something and cruise around underwater while engaging in unadulterated mayhem (especially for the 800 point selling price), but don’t expect infinite staying power. (Feb 05, 2008)
The game is very linear, but has some decent graphics and isn’t a horrible gameplay experience by any means. It’s a decent game, but overall I feel I got a bit cheated with my “gift” for Microsoft’s boo boo.