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Xbox 360 version

Title screen
Leafos is found crying in a messy yard.
After agreeing to help clean the place up, you're given a shovel.
Look at all this junk in the yard! Who would play a Ghoulies sequel?
After removing the junk, you can begin to plant grass to make the place more attractive.
A Doenut has been attracted by the grass, but won't appear for a while yet.
Willy Builder has offered to build your first Piñata house for free.
Now that you have a house, you can encourage these Whirlms to romance.
Each different Piñata has its own kind of Romance Dance.
The Whirlms have had an egg delivered by Storkos, the flying egg delivery woman.
Leafos has given a seed for you to grow because you raised a baby Whirlm in your garden.
Sometimes Piñatas need to eat others to remain happy.
Leafos stays in the garden and watches your progress.
You can check out the inside of your houses to see how your Piñata are doing.
Seedos will give you a seed per day...but more if you hit him!
Now that a Mousemallow has become a resident, it's dangerous to keep this Syrupant here!
This is Lottie - she's more of a capitalist than Tom Nook.
Let's try and grow a garden of buttercups!
A Buzzlegum became attracted by my nice buttercups!
A Sour Shellybean pest has arrived - maybe there's a way to tame it?
A Taffly is attacking this flower so that it can eat it and become a resident.
According to the Journal, Shellybeans like Apple Seeds - maybe it's worth feeding it one?
Whoops - the garden's getting busy! I neglected to water this corn.
Getting a bit crowded in the garden - time to sell off some Whirlms.
Just like real Piñatas, candy comes out of any that are eaten.
Two Sparrowmint parents are looking after their egg.
I've built a Buzzlegum hive in preparation for some romance!
A Syrupent explores my garden.
You can even place lights in your garden to attract nocturnal Piñatas!
And what game would be complete without an appalling in-joke?