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Playing games one episode at a time is a very clever way of doing things, and this W&G adventure is top notch!
90 (Jun 10, 2009)
This is the first of four games coming out, with the others arriving later in the year and after playing this I can't wait. Fright of the Bumblebees is essentially a huge interactive Wallace and Gromit episode, which for fans is perfect. It keeps all of the great humour, locations and animation of the shows and most importantly, it's classic British humour. Those waiting for Monkey Island should check this title out.
Gamers' Temple, The (Jul 29, 2009)
Not quite a grand day out, but not a bad little outing for Wallace and Gromit.
Gaming Nexus (Jun 11, 2009)
Fans of Wallace & Gromit have no excuse not to pick up this wonderful adventure game from Telltale Games. Fright of the Bumblebees is full of memorable characters, challenging puzzles and enough good-natured jokes to keep you busy until episode two comes out. Even with its few flaws, this Wallace & Gromit adventure is still worth playing through!
TeamXbox (May 26, 2009)
Fright of the Bumblebees is the first of four planned Wallace & Gromit episodes for Xbox Live Arcade, but the experience hardly feels like a quarter of a game. In fact, it feels a lot like what the Wallace & Gromit short films do: compact movies that make up for in quality what they lack in run time. And being priced at 800 MS Points (about $10) seems like a deal considering how much you’ll enjoy yourself, if you’re a fan of the movies or just adventure games in general. Also cheese…it’s great if you like cheese.
Game Revolution (Mar 31, 2009)
Wallace and Gromit's Grand Adventures: Fright of the Bumble Bees is an excellent start to the planned four-part series. It manages to capture everything that makes the Wallace and Gromit animated shorts so endearing, expanding it to the adventure game genre. Seeing it's just a two- to four-hour long slice of a bigger, fully priced pie, we cannot wait to see what craziness is in store for the folks at West Wallaby Street in the future episodes. Good lad, Gromit!
IGN (May 26, 2009)
Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures get off to a fun and funny start with Fright of the Bumblebees. The look, feel, and sound of the animated features have been recreated here almost perfectly, with the exception of an erratic framerate. Playing the game is like controlling a Wallace & Gromit cartoon, complete with witty British humor, Wallace's oddball inventions, and a peculiar fixation on cheese. Hopefully the framerate can be ironed out for Episode 2 because this is a welcome addition to Xbox Live Arcade.
Console Monster (May 27, 2009)
At 800 Microsoft Points, I really recommend Wallace and Gromit in Fright of the Bumblebee. Despite its fairly short length, it’s a brilliantly developed title with a script full of the typical Wallace and Gromit humour. With another title confirmed to release soon, the episodic series has really started with a buzz.
At 800 Microsoft Points, I would whole heartily recommend Wallace and Gromit: Fright of the Bumblebees even despite its fairly short length. The episodic series has really started off with a bang. The story is engrossing and adults, as well as young children, will most likely love this XBLA game and its contents.
80 (Jun 12, 2009)
Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures: Fright of the Bumblebees is a pleasant adventure game with a good sense of humour. Thanks to the good storyline this 6 hour long trip never bores. Some thinking is necessary to finish but thanks to an ingenious hint system a starting adventure gamer won't get into trouble while the experienced one will no doubt have a challenge as well. The only downpoint seems to be the framerate but if Telltale can solve this in the second episode then Marketplace has got a new very strong title in its ranks. For the price you shouldn't leave it as for a meagre 800 MS points this one is yours!
GameFocus (Jun 15, 2009)
Fright of the Bumble Bees is an interesting start to the series and should be evident that the following three episodes will satisfy adventure gamers. This game is not strictly for fans of the series and may end up turning some people into one. Hardcore adventure gamers might not find this game to be much of a challenge, but people looking for a game that will entertain them or their family members for a few hours will certainly enjoy the puzzles and humor from start to finish.
GameSpot (May 29, 2009)
The game lasts a few hours and feels ideally suited for play across a few short sessions. The light difficulty and silly sense of humor can make longer sessions tiresome, but taken in chunks, Fright of the Bumblebees feels just right. Wallace and Gromit are in good form here, and their world is represented quite well. Fans will enjoy seeing the pair through some new capers, as will anyone else with an interest in some charming, lighthearted action.
72 (Jul, 2009)
Fright of the Bumblebees is, simply put, just about the perfect Wallace & Gromit adventure game. It fits exceptionally well within the existing Wallace & Gromit world, but it’s also a funny, engaging, and well-crafted game in its own right. And you don’t need to be familiar with the characters before playing the game. It’s a fairly short game (~4 hours from beginning to end), but it’s just the first of four adventures (the second of which is already available for the PC), and it’s well worth $10 on Xbox Live Arcade. You can bet I’ll be picking up the other three games as soon as they’re released!
70 (Jun 11, 2009)
Infelizmente este episódio das abelhas gigantes pode ser concluído em poucas horas. Não é um jogo difícil, mas também exige bastante atenção e ponderação para a resolução plena dos desafios. O sentido de humor e expressão conhecidas na série estão lá. Para os fãs da série televisiva fica a certeza que não é a aventura mais sofisticada, mas o mundo de Wallace & Gromit está bem reproduzido pelo que vão encontrar uma aventura adorável e apelativa.
DarkZero (Mar 24, 2009)
Confounding puzzles aside, “Fright of the Bumblebees” functions nicely as an adventure game for just about any audience or age group. The humor is varied, the gameplay is accessible, and the challenge is substantial without being frustrating. The review build of the game had a few problems, such as its inclination to crash suddenly, but hopefully this will be patched up in time for the final PC and Xbox Live Arcade release. Buy it, enjoy it, and wait for the next few episodes to reveal themselves.
The A.V. Club (Jun 08, 2009)
Perhaps not a grand day out, but a pleasant way to spend teatime.
Video Game Talk (Jun 16, 2009)
I fully endorse this episodic content and am excited that Telltale is bringing their highly successful episode Sam and Max adventures to Live this month and later this year will be revitalizing the Monkey Island franchise along with a modernized remake of the original Monkey Island adventure. If these other franchises bring a bit of the complexity from their early 90s incarnations along for the ride (mainly unique dialogue choices), I could see a whole new generation getting hooked on a great genre of gaming. At the very least download the demo of “Fright of the Bumblebees,” if you have any interest, the $10 price tag for this episode is a much better alternative to shelling out $40 for a complete package if this were released in the store. Recommended.