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games xtreme (Sep 15, 2011)
If this is the future of Space Marine and action games from Relic in general, sign me up for more. This is a truly excellent game that has a high level of polish and a lot of replay value in terms of multiplayer and single player. It's got a solid story and a great set of actors that truly elevate the game into the ranks of: must have.
Thank you THQ and Relic Entertainment for not trying to just cash in on a very storied and rich franchise license. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is a great game and does justice to the Warhammer franchise that it is based upon. With solid graphics, good sound, and just the right gameplay elements, the total package makes for a great gaming experience. The addition of multiplayer is also a plus, although it could have used a few more modes. In the end it is my hope that this game is not overlooked this holiday season as the Space Marine really does stand on its own a solid title that is worth the time to play through.
Giant Bomb (Sep 14, 2011)
Space Marine's balance between melee and ranged combat separates this savage and brutal game from so many other copycat shooters.
newbreview.com (Sep 29, 2011)
While Space Marine brings little new to the table, what it brings is well crafted, simple and fun to play. The game won’t feature in any “halls of fame” but, for what’s worth, it will keep you entertained from beginning to end.
GamingLives (Sep 12, 2011)
Space Marine delivers a solid all round performance that has the ability to provide the player with a great deal of enjoyment through its highly engaging combat system. The single player campaign does enough to keep you interested, but suffers from the occasional level of repetition, while moments of brilliance leave you with a huge craving for more.
XboxAchievements (Sep 13, 2011)
Relic Entertainment has done a solid job on Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, taking the studio's knowledge of the IP working on the Dawn of War series for PC, and putting it to good use. With some better thought out set-pieces and more variety in the gameplay and visuals, this could have achieved greatness. As it is though, Space Marine feels like the foundations for a barnstorming sequel, and goodness knows it deserves one, as there's massive potential here. Warhammer 40K fans however, will probably love Space Marine unconditionally.
GamersHell.com (Sep 06, 2011)
Many of Space Marine's shortcomings are somewhat understandable should this (hopefully) be in for a long-run franchise. There might be breakout hits, but Relic's new shooter appears to be focused on getting key features nailed down on its first pass, rather than spreading itself thin with totally useless aspects. Though the general gameplay might be shortsighted, have pacing deficiencies, and is fairly one-note, the mechanics behind it are sound. Deciding to spotlight a singular character in such a dense universe might seem somehow curious, given the nature of the tabletop game, but Relic accomplish the goal while also showing off why attention paid to all corners of aesthetics, to create fully realized worlds, remain so important to videogames.
IGN (Sep 08, 2011)
Space Marine may stumble here and there, but manages to remain entertaining from start to finish. For every moment where a character gets stuck on part of the environment, has an animation that breaks, or just randomly pops into the world, I’m left remembering great boss battles and encounters that made me feel like a badass. It may not be the best or most original action game, but it’s a fine first outing for the franchise, and a rare gem for Warhammer fans.
Fragland.net (Oct 22, 2011)
For the neutrale gamer who knows nothing about the background all that's left is a mediocre game with sometimes clumsy gameplay and lots of repetitive and linear sections.
411mania.com (Sep 23, 2011)
Given that Relic has all but made a career out of doing Warhammer 40k games and the fact that Warhammer 40k is also the inspiration (whether they like it or not) to a lot of the Space Opera/Space Marine games we have this generation it’s just disappointing to see that this game is just so bland and generic. For every good thing they do there are about 5 other things they do…that have been done to death before. If this game had come out before Gears, before Halo and before other games that used the ‘Space Marine” template then it would’ve been something worthwhile. Instead all Warhammer 40k: Space Marine ends up looking like a generic knock-off of the games it had a hand in creating creatively.
Calm Down Tom (Sep 27, 2011)
Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine is a hard game for me to review. I am a massive Warhammer fan, so my expectations were high. That being said, the final product here disappointed me despite the efforts made by the developers to live up to the license. Being a Space Marine will always hold appeal, but this is a game that fails to take any risks. For every great idea there is a derivative one. The jetpack is fun, but there are explosive red barrels everywhere. The enemies look good but there are terrible, lambent-style enemies that run at you and explode. Relic has copied whole parts of Gears, but left out the ones that make it work, and done the same with titles like God of War and Dynasty Warriors. In the end, it feels as much like War For Cybertron as any other title – filled with big chunky enemies stomping around in a satisfying way, but quickly becoming repetitious.
Jeuxvideo.com (Sep 08, 2011)
Warhammer 40.000 : Space Marine est sans aucun doute un titre à réserver aux fans de la licence éponyme. Ces derniers y trouveront un jeu d'action tonitruant leur permettant de s'immerger dans l'univers qui leur est cher, les autres n'y verront qu'un titre bourrin lambda qui manque furieusement de variété et de profondeur.
4Players.de (Sep 09, 2011)
Ein "Gears of Warhammer" sollte es werden – herausgekommen ist ein ideenloses Durchschnittsgemetzel mit einem wiederholungsanfälligen Spielablauf, enttäuschender Technik sowie einer lächerlichen Mehrspielerkomponente. Relic mag es verstehen, das Universum in ansprechenden Strategiespielen zu verwerten, aber Action zählt offenbar nicht zu den Stärken des Studios. Anstatt den Vergleich zu Epics Vorzeige-Shooter bei Präsentationen zu bemühen, hätte man sich besser hinsichtlich der Spielmechanik am Vorbild orientiert. Doch stattdessen schickt Relic die Space Marines mit einem stupiden Kampfsystem sowie fragwürdigen Heilmethoden in den Krieg gegen die immer gleichen Ork-Horden.
Games TM (Sep 29, 2011)
Most of the time you're simply dealing with trickling handfuls of baddies who feel like they're just there to take up space. There was more happening in this world when we were forced to rely on our imagination to bring it to life. As it is, Space Marine is still a little too much like looking at a table.

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