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85 (Oct 22, 2010)
Die gute Nachricht: Mit WRC liefert Milestone eines der besseren Rennspiele ab, die im eigenen Studio entstanden - vor allem bezüglich der durchaus anspruchsvollen Fahrphysik hat man ordentlich zugelegt. Die schlechte Nachricht: Dieser Umstand allein macht den Ausflug in Rallye-Gefilde noch längst nicht zu einem guten Spiel. Denn technisch hinkt man Mitbewerbern wie Codemasters um einige Jahre hinterher - vor allem auf den beiden Konsolen ist WRC weit von einer ansehnlichen Kulisse entfernt. Doch auch die lieblose Aufmachung mit ihren langweiligen Menüs, fehlenden Siegerehrungen und sterilen Umgebungen trägt neben dem Verzicht auf Splitscreen-Rennen dazu bei, dass sich die Begeisterung trotz der guten Ansätze bei der Fahrphysik und dem Schadensmodell in Grenzen hält. Da Codemasters mit der Dirt-Serie immer mehr den kompletten Offroad-Sport abbilden will und die klassische Rallye vernachlässigt, stellt WRC zur Zeit die einzige Alternative für die Fans der Serie dar.
70 (UK) (Oct 08, 2010)
For now, those prepared to invest the necessary commitment, ignore the blandness and live with the game's failings will find that – once on the dirt, gravel, snow or asphalt – WRC FIA World Rally Championship delivers moments that are indisputably thrilling.
68 (Oct 08, 2010)
WRC riesce nell'intento di proporre un modello di guida piuttosto credibile e una carriera lunga e corposa, forse un filo ripetitiva, inserita purtroppo in un contesto che penalizza la corsa, in cui il livello di difficoltà sembra essere randomico o perlomeno troppo tarato verso il basso. Inoltre poi il comparto tecnico è davvero datato, quasi al limite della bassa risoluzione, anche se ad onor del vero impreziosito da alcuni buoni effetti speciali. In definitiva il titolo Milestone cerca di mettere su pista un racing game spostato verso un approccio simulativo, grazie anche ad un track design mai banale e sempre vario, ma con alcune grosse criticità che ne inficiano la riuscita globale.
GameSpot UK (Oct 12, 2010)
WRC is an enjoyable racing game. It certainly isn't a true simulation, but it has a much more realistic feel than some of its recently released competitors. The handling is satisfying and encourages high concentration and driving control, rewarding hardcore rally fans with responsive controls that feel just right when you execute maneuvers like the Scandinavian flick. Unfortunately, the robust physics are often let down by the game's woeful presentation, poor steering-wheel calibration, and horrendous loading times. That said, there are very few traditional rally games on the market for the current generation of consoles, and WRC provides all the thrills and driving precision that fans of the real championship have been craving. If you look beyond the troublesome graphics and minor gameplay issues, you will find a rewarding game that makes for a realistic rally experience.
Brash Games (Oct 26, 2010)
WRC is, without question, Milestone’s most ambitious game to date, if not the best it has produced in recent years. However, its production values are so sorely lacking as to render it impenetrable to modern tastes. If you’re partial to a bit of traditional rallysport, WRC is certainly worth a look, but everyone else would do better to remain in Colin’s camp.
50 (Oct 08, 2010)
WRC avait toutes les cartes en mains pour s'imposer comme indispensable aux yeux des amateurs de la discipline. Un contenu riche, des modes complets, un multi bien présent... Malheureusement, le gameplay ne suit pas, les mécanismes n'étant tout bêtement pas ceux d'un jeu de rallye. Les tentatives des développeurs pour nous donner l'impression de conduire la C4 de Sébastien Loeb restent ainsi vaines. Inertie surprenante, réactions irréalistes, plaisir de conduire absent... Ajoutons à cela des temps de chargement longuets et quelques bugs, WRC manque le coche et c'est toute une communauté qui restera frustrée.