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Giant Bomb (Oct 16, 2012)
Firaxis honors the XCOM name with turn-based strategy that shepherds players as expertly as it punishes, confidently balancing the micro and the macro all the while.
TrueAchievements (Oct 23, 2012)
Regardless of the faults, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is prettier then it has any right to be with an atmosphere of tension and dread better then most "Survival Horror" games of this generation. I caught myself saying "one more turn" on many occassions into the wee hours of the night, which is perhaps the highest praise any strategy game can earn. It should be no surprise, that when the TrueAchievement Game of the Year voting begins, I will be pushing for XCOM: Enemy Unknown as GOTY 2012.
games xtreme (Oct 15, 2012)
Whilst it probably won't be everyone's cup of tea due to some feature loss from the previous games, it's a fantastic game and a suitable return for the much beloved classic series. It's about time we say and we can't wait to see what Firaxis and 2K cook up for a sequel - perhaps a remake of Terror from the Deep is in order? XCOM is also a massive game, you'll spend hours on the various missions, you'll spend hours researching and outfitting your squad. You may lose soldiers and countries in the processes but each loss may well galvanise you further to victory. Victory comes at a great cost Commander and XCOM is perfect at illustrating just how far you have to go to achieve it against a relentless alien force. The best remake yet - XCOM is a game that deserves to be in your collection.
XboxAchievements (Oct 13, 2012)
XCOM: Enemy Unknown is not just the best strategy game this year, it’s the best strategy game this generation and possibly the best ever strategy game on consoles.
Game Informer Magazine (Oct 05, 2012)
Both of XCOM’s layers present life-or-death conundrums to which there is no right answer. No matter what you pick, something or someone is going to suffer for it. This kind of tension and terror rarely occurs within mainstream gaming, and almost never with this level of skill in the execution. Don’t let the “turn-based strategy” moniker scare you off; XCOM is a singular achievement that every gamer deserves to experience.
At the end of the day I just get this sense that XCOM: Enemy Unknown is one of those sleeper hits in the latter half of 2012. The smooth interface, sharp looking visuals, and surprisingly tense tactical turn-based gameplay are simply a blast. Many "run and gun" gamers will likely have little patience for this title, but all other gamers, especially those looking for a game that offers up a hefty challenge and an experience unlike any other in recent memory, should be aware that XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a game that deserves some serious attention.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown is incredibly addictive and once you start playing you'll find it hard to stop.
XboxFrance (Oct 09, 2012)
Même si le genre du combat au tour par tour se pose comme un OVNI vidéoludique, XCOM est sans conteste l'un des titres les plus enthousiasmants de cette année. Firaxis a en effet réussi son pari en modernisant son titre avec de nombreux ajustement de gameplay pour fluidifier l'ensemble, à grands coups d'effets de caméra pendant les combats et avec une bonne dose d'humour geek pendant la gestion de votre base. On pourra regretter une ambiance graphique passe partout , avec en particulier des cinématiques un peu cheap et des décors très génériques, mais le jeu est si généreux et captivant qu'on lui pardonnera sans ciller cette légère faiblesse. XCOM réussit à maintenir le joueur sous pression sans pour autant le frustrer avec une difficulté injustement calibrée. Plus qu'un tour de force, c'est un coup de maître qui mérite toute votre attention. Faites le premier pas, vous ne le regretterez pas, avec XCOM c'est une relation durable que vous aller pouvoir entretenir sur le long terme.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Oct 31, 2012)
Firaxis doet het onmogelijke en breit een waardig vervolg aan Ă©Ă©n van de meest geliefde turnbased strategiereeksen ooit. On your feet, soldier! En smoor die Alien Activity met je plasmawapen in de kiem!
4Players.de (Oct 10, 2012)
Packende Rundentaktik und forderndes globales Management - XCOM inszeniert die Verteidigung der Erde als spielerisch umfassenden SciFi-Thriller.
GameSpot (Oct 08, 2012)
Don't be too concerned by the minor drawbacks, however. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a wonderful and worthy strategy game with a layer of campy charm that makes the stone-faced seriousness of the game's characters all the more endearing. It's also remarkably accessible, thanks to a great interface that feels comfortable whether you're using a keyboard and mouse or have a controller in your hand. Enemy Unknown packs dense amounts of dramatic tension into each turn. And so it's time to eliminate the alien threat, commander. Select a location, build your base…and save humanity.
Jeuxvideo.com (Oct 08, 2012)
Retour gagnant pour XCOM qui parvient à se moderniser sans pour autant trahir l'esprit de son mythique modèle. L'aspect gestion évite l'écueil de la complexité artificielle et les combats ont pour leur part conservé l'éclat de ceux d'UFO : Enemy Unknown tout en se dynamisant sensiblement. Le mélange de ces deux éléments s'avère délicieusement plaisant. Souhaitons donc un beau succès à ce titre qui mérite franchement d'être essayé, puis adopté.
The Video Game Critic (Nov 17, 2012)
X-COM: Enemy Unknown is a slow-burn title that will test your patience up front but pays off in the long run.
IGN (Oct 08, 2012)
XCOM is a great addition to the strategy genre, complete with an engaging campaign full of tension and challenges. The characters grow in satisfying ways, but the tactical game doesn't ever quite give players enough room to make the most of their abilities.
newbreview.com (Oct 29, 2012)
As mentioned, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is nowhere as good as the original, but then again, beating the original is a very tall order. The game still manages to be a very good and intense turn-based strategy game and it’s a safe recommendation for both newbies and veterans of the genre. Pick up your rifles and jump to the Skyranger people, we have a planet to save!

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