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Impulse Gamer (Mar, 2011)
Yoostar 2 is not the ultimate powerhouse party game, but its star does twinkle in the sea of games. Perhaps with all of the planned support Yoostar 2 In the Movies will shine like the Hollywood star it inspires to be. For now, a solid party game and is well worth a go at your next get together. Have fun, play games…and now be in the movies!
GameFocus (Aug, 2011)
The saddest part about Yoostar 2: In The Movies is that it received very little promotion as it practically launched in total anonymity. Yet, it’s here now and those who dreamt of being Don Vito, Forrest Gump or Greg Focker at least once will be pleased. It will test your patience at times due to the various Kinect sensor-related issues, but one thing is for certain, the laughs are guaranteed!
70 (Apr 05, 2011)
Ondanks zijn uitgebreide carrièremodus is Yoostar 2 geen titel die je dagenlang fanatiek zult spelen. Het is vooral een spel waar je op feestjes flink plezier aan gaat beleven. Het spelconcept is degelijk opgezet en biedt genoeg mogelijkheden om alleen, of met zijn tweeën, je even als acteur te wanen. De problemen met de achterliggende techniek weerhouden Yoostar 2 er echter van om te stralen.
Daily Game (May 13, 2011)
The game can be fun, but it’s strictly a multiplayer affair, and it needs more meat. As it stands, it feels a bit like the publishers’ way to lead owners into a world of endless microtransactions.
Game Informer Magazine (Mar 08, 2011)
Yoostar 2, like its PC predecessor, is a unique experience designed for movie buffs, aspiring stars, and everyday gamers alike. Its Kinect-enabled console debut uses the sensor bar's camera to place players in classic scenes to deliver lines with a karaoke-style interface. While the concept of turning everyday people into actors makes for an amusing time, technical issues stand in the way of making the latest Yoostar a blockbuster hit.
MondoXbox (Mar 19, 2011)
Il concept di Yoostar 2: In The Movies ha il potenziale per divertirci molto, soprattutto quando si è tra amici e ci si vuole scatenare senza paura di fare figuracce davanti alla telecamera: purtroppo alcuni difetti di usabilità lo rendono estremamente scomodo e rischia di essere accantonato velocemente a favore di titoli Kinect più immediati e di facile utilizzo. L'assenza di una comunicazione adeguata in copertina sull'obbligatorietà dell'hard disk per goderlo appieno è inoltre inscusabile.
XboxAchievements (Apr 04, 2011)
On paper (or celluloid) Yoostar 2 is a great idea, but it's hampered by a sloppy user interface, blocky outlines, Kinect tics and a weird mix of movie clips. It's guaranteed to provide a few hours of entertainment and some hearty belly laughs, but ultimately, Yoostar 2 is a bit of a box-office flop.
Official XBox Magazine (Mar 09, 2011)
Yoostar 2 makes an interesting stab at doing something innovative and unique with Kinect, and it may be good for a few laughs at your next party. Ultimately, though, it feels like an elaborate gimmick — more a faded star than a true Hollywood legend.
Really I think Yoostar wants to be a party game but it is just not ready for prime time. Part of the fun of party games is being able to quickly pick up the game and go. That isn't that easy on the scripted scenes as there are a lot of lines and timing that must be learned, although it's a bit more fun when adlibbing. Also sometimes playing these party games might have some adult beverages involved and from experience I can say that is a bad idea because it makes a bad navigation system that much worse.
GamingXP (Apr 16, 2011)
An diesen Test bin ich mit gemischten Gefühlen gegangen. Als Filmfan war ich von der Idee, selber in meinen liebsten Filmen zu sein, voll auf begeistert. Einige Kinect-Tests haben mich aber mit einer gewissen Sorge rund um die neue Steuerungsvariante zurück gelassen. Und leider hat sich das schlechte Bauchgefühl bestätigt. Der Darstellung des Spielers in den Filmclips kann ebenfalls nicht überzeugen, so dass als Resumee nur übrig bleibt: Netter Versuch, aber ich sehe mir die Filme lieber im Original an.
50 (Mar 25, 2011)
Yoostar 2 is an ambitious attempt at utilising new technology, such as Playstation Move and Kinect, to bring a little Hollywood in to our lives. However the game is let down by technological limitations, mostly revolving around lighting, and a fairly pedestrian selection of scenes. Whilst there is fun to be had playing it, to get the most out of this game, save it for parties and social gatherings and play it in short bursts.
Absolutely off your face on booze this might be a hoot with other inebriated friends, but sober this is bloody awful.
Gamekult (Mar 11, 2011)
Avec un choix d'environ 50 extraits en partie rapide (seul ou à deux), une sélection de fonds variés pour tout donner en improvisation et une série de défis pour parfaire ses talents d'acteur, il y a de quoi s'occuper le temps d'une soirée ou deux, mais il faudra remettre la main au portefeuille pour avoir droit à des scènes supplémentaires sur la boutique en ligne du jeu, le Yoostore de son petit nom. A 50 euros, on aurait aimé en avoir un peu plus sur la galette, mais il aurait été naïf de croire qu'un concept tel que celui de Yoostar, déjà testé sur PC et Mac, se passe en cette époque de la manne représentée par le contenu additionnel téléchargeable.
35 (Mar 11, 2011)
Si le concept de Yoostar 2 nous promettait quelques soirées assez délirantes entre amis, il faut malheureusement reconnaître que la réalité est loin d'être à la hauteur de nos attentes. On se retrouve finalement avec une sélection d'extraits plutôt discutable et avec un dispositif technique qui est loin d'être au point. Pour se prendre pour une star, mieux vaut encore utiliser la bonne vieille méthode utilisée par les héros de "Soyez sympas, rembobinez"...
Gaming Nexus (Jun 04, 2011)
Yoostar 2 had the potential to be a solid, if not downright innovative, party game. Unfortunately, technical issues derailed it before it could even get going, as the game is barely playable out of the box and makes the effort far outweigh the enjoyment.
Game Revolution (Apr 24, 2011)
Yoostar 2 is one of the most unique games I've played, unique in that there was not a single moment that was truly fun. Kane and Lynch 2 sucked, as did Time Crisis: Razing Storm, but in each of those games, there were moments - no matter how rare - that I enjoyed. And to that end, those latter titles could be considered "games". I'm not sure that Yoostar 2 deserves that title.

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