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Zombie Armageddon Credits

23 people (16 developers, 7 thanks)


Lead EngineerJoshua Lindquist
StoryJames Osborne
Game DesignLord Ashram
ArtistsSteve Hinan, Lord Ashram
ProducerJames Osborne
Cutscene and Concept ArtLord Ashram
Additional EngineeringJames Osborne
Voice ActorsJoshua Lindquist (as Hanson), Royal Winchester (as Pitts), Kathy Osborne, Susan Ashlock, John Paquin, Jane Winant, James Osborne
Stunt Zombies'Scabs' McSorley, Avery Deadman, Herbie McGibblets [Brains], U.R. Dead, Hugh Mann, Beeon Legrave, Ima C Adaver
Special Thanks toNick Brosnahan, Michael Evans, Craig Green, Tomas Green, Katrina Strafford, Phil Winant, And to Microsoft and the XNA Indie Community
Dungeon Crawler game engine © 2010Joshua Lindquist

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