Zombie Wranglers Credits (Xbox 360)

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Zombie Wranglers Credits

Frozen Codebase

Lead ProgrammersAdam Larson, James Lupiani
ProducerBen Geisler
PresidentBen Geisler
Lead ArtistWilliam Sweetman
DesignerWilliam Sweetman
Vision HolderWilliam Sweetman
Assistant Producer Eric Francksen
Project LeadEric Francksen
Office Assistant Erin Basten
AI ProgrammerIsabel Ku
ProgrammerJason Kim
Consulting Executive ProducerJay Balakrishnan
2D, 3D ArtistsKarol David, J. Miles Wadsworth
AnimatorKarol David
Lead QAKurt Henrickson
AudioNorb Rozek
Quality AssuranceRyoji Chang, Ryan Ries
MusicLaura Burk, Stochastic Theory

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