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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - Windows (Germany):


    Der Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika wurde ermordet...

    Er wurde kaltblütig von einem unbekannten Killer erschossen...
    ... und Sie sind der Hauptverdächtige!
    FBI, CIA und eine Gruppe eiskalter Killer sind Ihnen dicht auf den Fersen...
    ... Sie können niemandem vertrauen!
    Alles, was Sie haben, ist ein Schließfachschlüssel und ein seltsames Tatoo...
    All Ihre Erinnerungen sind weg, Sie wissen nicht einmal wer Sie sind...
    ... Um die Wahrheit zu sagen, Sie stecken verdammt in der Klemme!

    • 34 Einzelspieler- und 24 Mehrspieler-Level (LAN & Online)
    • 15 Waffen und 8 weitere als Waffe benutzbare Gegenstände
    • Exklusiver Karteneditor zur Erstellung Ihrer eigenen actiongeladenen Level!

    Komplett deutsche, ungeschnittene Version.
    Mit der Stimme von Ben Becker als XIII.

    Wer sagt, dass Comics nur was für Kinder sind?


    Manchmal sind Gegenstände gefährlicher als Schusswaffen.

    Der erste 3D-Shooter im Comic Stil.

    Contributed by jaXen (257737) on Jul 23, 2011.
    The President of the United States of America has been assassinated. You wake up on a desolate strip of New England beach. The near-fatal impact of a bullet has left your head pounding, and your memory is completely erased. What's more, the number XIII has been mysteriously tattooed on your chest, while your pocket holds a key to a New York City bank box. Head swimming in amnesia, you struggle to your feet, only to encounter more assailants intent on finishing the job. To your shock, you handle the hitmen with the killing skills of a professional. Now it's time to go to the bank in search of any shred of information about your lost identity and your possible involvement in the President's murder. What lies ahead is a deadly quest—not only into your shadowy past, but also into America's darkest corridors of power.

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (22255) on Oct 12, 2010. – Nintendo GameCube:

    Who are you?

    Featuring rich cel-shaded graphics and a thrilling plot, XIII blends graphic novel intrigue with gun-slinging action on the GCN.

    XIII is one of many aliases of an amnesiac suspected of assassinating the U.S. president. In this visually stunning GCN first-person shooter, you'll play the part of a man desperately trying to reconstruct the shattered remnants of his memory. The graphic novels the game is based on chronicle XIII's globe-trotting adventures as he searches for his true identity. The novels were penned by Jean Van Hamme, a prolific writer best known stateside for his work on the 1981 French caper flick Diva. In XIII, you'll unravel the plot first hand and be immediately thrown into the thick of the action


    • Graphic novel presentation uses flashback graphics and pop-up windows to create a unique, comic-book visual style.
    • Sneak past enemies or use brute force to survive.
    • Use human shields, silent weapons and XIII's internal "sixth sense" to detect approaching enemies.
    • Animated cutscenes unravel the captivating plotlines.
    • Multiplayer modes include cooperative Cover Me and head-to-head Capture the Flag and Deathmatch.

    One of the most unique features of XIII is the wide and creative array of weapons you can use to take down your enemies. You can choose from powerful military weapons like pistols, crossbows, sniper rifles, and automatic weapons, as well as everyday items like chairs, bottles, ashtrays, and shovels.

    XIII features exceptional music and voice acting. David Duchovny voices the enigmatic hero, XIII. Also in the cast are actress/musician Eve, starring as Major Jones, and Adam West (TV's original Batman) as General Carrington. The dynamic music mirrors the action on the screen, giving the game the funky vibe of classic action films.

    Bottom Line

    XIII is a top-notch first-person shooter that incorporates a cel-shaded comic book graphic style never-before-seen in a first-person shooter. Incorporating a thrilling plot and top quality voice acting and music, XIII takes the genre to new creative heights.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65801) on Aug 12, 2005.

2002 PCPowerPlay Guide (UbiSoft):
    Fact: There are fifteen volumes in the XIII series published so far.

    One of the most potent thrillers to emerge from the European comics scene would have to be XIII. Created by Jean Van Hamme and William Vance, the story of XIII starts with a bruised and battered amnesiac washing up on a beach. The only clue to his identity is the Roman numeral 'XIII' tattooed on his shoulder.

    It soon becomes apparent that XIII is not as helpless as he first appears and soon demonstrates his knowledge of high level military training when under threat. Using anything that comes to hand, including traditional firearms alongside shards of broken glass and chairs, XIII is adept at taking down the enemy. As the game progresses the storyline reveals a conspiracy that led to a presidential assassination, and XIII is caught right in the middle.

    Keeping in theme with the comic book origins of XIII, the game sports a cel shaded/pop art style. We've all seen this style of graphics before, although never in a FPS, and never has it been such an integral part of the gameplay.When an enemy is caught in an explosion and set alight the word "AAAAARGH!" actually appears above his head, following him around until he expires! This feature is not just cosmetic though. XIII has an indicator known as his sixth sense that alerts him to approaching enemies and dangerous situations by showing onomatopoeic sound effects on the screen, indicating the direction of the threat.

    Without a doubt, one of the coolest elements of the game is the flashback. At particular points in the game XIII might spot a person or place from his past, triggering an in-game flashback. The player finds themselves in a ghostly scene from their damaged memories. In these flashbacks XIII can still be controlled as in the main game but as a short time to examine as much in the scene as possible for clues to his identity before he snaps back to reality.

    The game utilises the latest Unreal technology so the multiplayer aspect of the game is top notch. Supporting 32 players per game, XIII has the standard modes you would expect plus some new additions including a sniper level where players supply covering fire to an unarmed ally with sniper rifles. XIII looks like it's going to change the way we look at what a FPS can be.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76400) on Dec 02, 2004.

    Imagine waking up on the beach one day, with no memory, no knowledge of who you are, and the numerals 'XIII' freshly tattooed on your chest (hence the name, funnily enough). Bummer (well, apart from the beach bit). But that's the scenario you'll be facing in Ubisoft's XIII, a first person shooter based on a Belgian series of graphic novels.

    The game uses a unique graphical style that makes it feel like you're running around inside a comic yourself, with exclamations and sounds appearing as words on-screen, as they do in graphic novels. A massive BOOM appears amid the explosion of a rocket, for example, or you might see the word 'NOO!' uttered by a shot enemy. Other effects amplify the feeling of taking part in a comic, with additional panels appearing on screen in sequence to depict various events as static pictures. Snipe a distant enemy, for example, and you might see a three-panel execution (sorry) of the bullet's journey to the poor soul's head.


    The ever-resourceful XIII's journey of discovery soon leaves the beach and has the amnesiac discovering an alarming affinity for killing. You get to do this with guns, grenades, knives - in fact, almost anything that comes to hand. You can smash inanimate objects such as chairs and ashtrays over the heads of your foes too, which is somehow just as satisfying as downing a helicopter with a rocket launcher (but then you can do that too).

    In addition to the single player campaign, XIII features a variety of multiplayer modes to extend the appeal of cartoon killing, and up to eight players can compete online using a Network Adaptor and broadband internet connection.


  • A unique visual style truly captures the feel of a graphic novel

  • Unravel the conspiracy behind the assassination of the President of the United States

  • Make use of a huge array of weaponry and equipment, including bazookas, machine guns, and grappling hooks

  • Take part in multiplayer matches, with up to four players on one console or eight players online using the Network Adaptor

    Contributed by Xoleras (66655) on Oct 11, 2004.

BFG Demo CD's Ad:
    You wake to find yourself on a desolate strip of New England beach. Your head is pounding from a near-fatal bullet wound and you have no sense of a memory. You find "XIII" tattooed on your chest and a key to a New York City bank box in your pocket. Now you must figure out who you are and why you're the prime suspect for the president's murder.

    To save your life, you must find out who is really behind the presidential assassination and government cover up. You need to eliminate everything that stands in your way by using human shields, sniper rifles, silent weapons and XIII's internal sixth sense to detect approaching enemies. No matter how you approach it, XIII is bound to get your heart racing as you explore America's darkest corridors of power.

    Contributed by Riamus (8519) on Sep 04, 2004.

Back of Case (Xbox, Canada/U.S.):
    Confront your shadowy past and America's darkest corridors of power.

    Trust no one, not even yourself, in this stylish conspiracy thriller mixing fast-action gunplay with cutthroat infiltration.

    A presidential assassination conspiracy plot enshrouds the future of America in mystery.
    Battle online and offline in multiplayer games, including the Xbox-exclusive Sabotage mode.
    Graphic-novel presentation with pop-up windows, visual, audio, and flashback graphics.
    Wield 15 weapons from a crossbow to a sniper rifle, plus objects such as chairs and bottles.

    Contributed by JPaterson (9536) on Jul 06, 2004.

UBI Soft XIII website:
    The Ultimate Conspiracy
    Unravel a whirling conspiracy plot where your identity, the president's assassination, and the future of America are shrouded in Mystery.

    So Much Style It's Criminal
    Graphic-novel presentation, flashback graphics and pop-up windows create a groundbreaking entry into the genre. XIII marshals the power of Unreal II technology and unique comic book styles.

    Groundbreaking Gameplay
    Experience a wide variety of gameplay - cunning use of human shields, silent weapons and XIII's internal "sixth sense" that detects approaching enemies. To survive, you'll master techniques ranging from covert infiltration to heavy combat as you battle sinister conspiratorial forces.

    A Deadly Arsenal of Weapons
    Handle a dizzying array of weapons ranging from silent crossbows to precision sniper rifles, furious automatic weapons, chairs, bottles, ashtrays, shovels and even enemy soldiers' bodies.

    A New Kind of Multiplayer
    Square off against other players in innovative multiplayer modes such as the cooperative Cover Me, along with classic modes such as Capture the Flag and Deathmatch.

    Contributed by Sciere (619241) on Dec 31, 2003.