XIII Screenshots

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PlayStation 2 version

Title screen.
Menu screen.

Windows version

Main menu
Comic style
Man with knives
Various environmental objects can be picked up and used as weapons or projectiles.
XIII often gets parts of his memory back in mysterious flashbacks.
Use your grapple to descend safely from dangerous heights.
Some scenery is just breathtaking.
The canyon section reminds of Lucasarts' Outlaws.
Oops, did I just blow up the entire ammo hangar?
Infiltrating a submarine base...
You can take a hostage to move about without getting shot. Don't turn your back, though!
Eavesdropping on a conversation between clan members in the mansion. Actually, affiliations to the KKK only appear in later albums.
Without a doubt, the most beautiful fireworks ever to be seen in a game.
My eyes...
I haven't good weapon for this distance
But, dead body is now broken.
Cut scene
Welcome in bank!
Another flashback
Chair vs revolver
Hostage - good person. :D
Fire exchange

Xbox version

Title screen
Creating a profile.
Main menu
The opening cinematic shows the assassination of the president.
Our hero seemed to have lost his memory, but it's starting to look better.
Agents have found you and are determined to kill you without questions asked.
Getting a hold of some weapon and becoming the hunter instead of hunted.
These docks are suddenly crowded with people trying to kill you.
Your knife-throwing skill can be deadlier than the rain of bullets.
You can move bodies from the open space to avoid unwanted surprises.
The next clue leads you to the bank.
Heading for the bank vault.
From time to time you'll get flashbacks that will fill in on the story and your memory.
Trying to reach Kim before the badguys do.
This cabin looks rather deserted... but who lighted the fire, then.
Buying some time against overwhelming enemy force.
Crawling through the ventilation duct.
Browsing your weapon inventory.
Taking care of the enemy with a hand grenade.
Safe and silent... quick kill from a distance
Fighting a helicopter with a bazooka.

Official Screenshots

  • XIII Screenshot
    Xbox E3 2002 Press CD
  • XIII Screenshot
    Xbox E3 2002 Press CD
  • XIII Screenshot
    Xbox E3 2002 Press CD
  • XIII Screenshot
    Xbox E3 2002 Press CD
  • XIII Screenshot
    Xbox E3 2002 Press CD