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XS Airboat Racing Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen.
Demo mode.
Game options. Hard mode is already available.
Sound options.
Memory Card menu.
No memory card.
Select game.
Select character.
Tournament mode. Select cup.
Track: Boulder Canal. And that's Flossie.
Checking who's behind.
Got hit.
Someone just missed the target.
Race results.
A Cup. Track: Summer Swamp.
A Cup. Track: Aqua Verde.
Cadmus is very close.
Use the power-up!
Won the A Cup.
Introducing B Cup.
Track: Sunlit Waters. Ahab in action.
B Cup. Track: Summer Swamp 2.
Finished in 2nd.
B Cup. Track: Boulder Canal 2. And this is the closest view available.
Use the mine.
Didn't win the B Cup but still... congratulations.
Track: Aqua Verde 2. Using the character named Argyle.
Kinda stuck.
Last place.
C Cup. Track: Sunlit Waters 2.
Finished the race and got hit.
C Cup. Track: Castle Moat.
Arcade mode. Select track.
Sunlit Waters. Using character Paulie.
Crossed the finish line. Don't care about possible attacks.
Time Trial mode. That's Rocco.
Wrong way.