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Yo-Jin-Bo is a Japanese-style anime adventure game set in medieval Japan long after the warring states period.

The player plays the role of Sayori, a high school female student who coincidentally comes into possession of a jade pendant. Later that night, Sayori awakens from her sleep to find the mysterious pendant floating in mid-air with a ghostly vision of a girl crying out for help. The story then unfolds to reveal the tale of an Princess Hatshusime (Hatsume), entrapped in Kitahama Castle of Chief Inspector Harumoto and is pursuit by his ninja assassins.

The story comes back to present day Sayori, who somehow finds herself back in time trapped in Hatsume's body in the company of her faithful bodyguard Muneshige, just before an assassination attempt on Hatsume was made. The story continues with them attempting to escape from the assassins and meeting up other main characters of the game hired rescue her. All in the meanwhile describing the humor-curious relationship between all of them.

Gameplay requires little player intervention as the majority consists of Japanese voice-overs with English sub-titles. There are however, some few instances per chapter of the story where the player is required to make a decision over a few selections within a specified time-limit. If the player does not choose a selection, a decision will be chosen by default for the player. If the player chooses the wrong decision however, it may result in the game ending abruptly, forcing the player to load a previous game or restart. The overall decisions of the player will decide different possible endings.

Contributed by Indra was here (20918) on Apr 17, 2011. [revised by : Indra was here (20918) and Unicorn Lynx (181681)].