Ys II: Ancient Ys Vanished - The Final Chapter Screenshots

User Screenshots

FM-7 version

Title screen
The dark tower collapses...
New characters are introduced
Will Adol save this land?..
Starting area
Talking to an important NPC
In a basement
Item seller
Through a cave
Exploring the ruins. Attacked by an enemy
Hmm, how can I get that treasure chest?..

MSX version

Title screen
In a blue passage
A sinister tower...
What's going on?!..
Walking around in the town
Starting location
Status screen
Your inventory
Isn't she cute?..
What's the matter, just tell me!
By a blacksmith
And who are you, Grandma?!..
Getting a side quest
In a basement
The evil never sleeps...
Tower passages

NES version

Title screen
Your enemies won't rest until they stop you...
Starting the game
Hey, granny!
Choose yar poison!..
Got nice potions!
Lilia's mother gives you, the poor bastard, some money
Outside the town
I don't like the look of those bluish thingies...
In a small forest
Equipment screen
two big bad dudes are guarding the treasure chest
Side-quest: find out what's going on in the basement

PC-88 version

Title screen
Why such a small picture? Because it's animated...
Cute anime girls were a norm for PC-88 platform
Outside of the ominous tower
Status screen. Not much of a "status" actually...
Hey, I bet you can make great beef in sour cream, just like my grandmother did...
This weapon seller looks like he failed an audition for the role of Kratos in God of War games
Adol always carries with him Dao De Jing, Mahabharata, Tripitaka, Brothers Karamazov, Germinal, O. Henry's short stories, and other great books
You receive your first quest
The sly-looking herbs seller
Way to the haunted village
Bumping into a monster. I love doing that

PC-98 version

Title + copyright
The real title screen
Starting location
Underground cave
Plain Game Over screen
Finally, civilization...
This guy gives you a side quest
Chatting with "important" townspeople
Nice graphics. This is the general shop
Weapons/armor shop
This is the village elder(ess) (?)
The treasure is guarded by two guys
Side-quest in a basement
Mysterious door...
Mysterious cloaked man...
Endless purple passages...

Sharp X1 version

Title screen
Intro, the guy on the ground is the main hero Adol
That's Lilia
Start of the game
Got a quest from Lilia's mom, need to deliver a letter to some Doctor Flair
There's a Slate in this chest
Found Dr. Flair
These two enemies guard the chest containing the Abyss Staff which grants you the gift of magic
Boss, I think I'm way too underpowered to face this thing