Zanac A.I. Screenshots

User Screenshots

MSX version

Title screen
Level boss bunker defeated
Catch the green pulse
Another round
Avoid the carved stones!
Shoot the large bunkers for special weapons
Zanac '87 title screen
Zanac '87 has a revised panel

NES version

Title screen
Get the numbered objects for power ups...
Get the numbered objects also for special weapons
The enemies move randomly
Many different enemies
The enemies are moving fast!
You've been shot down

Palm OS version

(B/W) Title screen
(B/W) Options screen
(B/W) Area 1
(B/W) Releasing a P pod from a barrier
(B/W) Blowing up a boss
(B/W) Game over

Official Screenshots

  • Zanac A.I. Screenshot
    Nintendo eShop
  • Zanac A.I. Screenshot
    Nintendo eShop