Alice in Wonderland: An Adventure Beyond the Mirror Screenshots (Zeebo)

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Zeebo version

Title screen.
Main menu.
The Journal: here you can see the items unlocked during the game.
The Options menu.
Alice arrives to Wonderland.
Alice finds her first companion, the White Rabbit.
The game as little tutorials every time the player faces a kind of puzzle for the first time.
Changing characters.
The White Rabbit can make the time stop or go for certain objects.
Sometimes Alice will have to get inside the mirror world to get through some portions of a stage.
These cracks in the background hide secrets. They usually require a certain amount of puzzle-solving to be reached.
The first unlockable item found in game.
The map of Wonderland shows Alice's progress. Sometimes she'll have to revisit some locations with her new companions to find items previously unreachable.
Alice's second companion, the Cheshire Cat, can make things appear and disappear.
Sometimes Alice will have to drink from the "Drink me" bottle to get past some small places.
Alice's third companion, the March Hare, can move objects from one place to another. The blue lights indicate where the objects can moved to.
The Mad Hatter, Alice's forth and last companion, can move objects from the mirror world to the real world and vice-versa.
Along her way Alice will find Red Queen's soldiers and will have to find ways of bypassing them or destroying them, like here.