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Alpine Racer Screenshots (Zeebo)

User Screenshots

Zeebo version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Game modes.
Character selection.
Prologue for Shogo's story mode.
Are you ready for the trial race? (Playing with Shogo)
Passing through checkpoints shows the partial time.
About to cross the finish line of the first course, Nostalgic-Ex.
Top times. No medals for this track so far.
Leveling up.
The semi-finals are raced against an opponent. If you're playing with Rina or Genji, the opponent is Shogo. If your playing with Shogo, the opponent is Rina.
Sections with red arrows are excellent to gain speed (and prepare for jumps).
This is the reason why this track is called High-Jump-Mountain.
Depending on the power of your character, bumping on obstacles such as trees will make you fall.
Playing the last track (Spiral Night) with the first unlockable character, Genji Saga (unlocked after beating the game with Shogo and Rina).
Sometimes taking the wrong way will cost you a lot of time as there can be unavoidable obstacles.
Some shortcuts can be of difficult access, like this one, blocked by trees.
Selecting a track in Time Attack mode.
Playing the unlockable track "Ice Cavern" with the last unlockable character, Chelsea Amery. During jumps it is possible to do stunts that will increase the character's speed.
Portions of this track have low ceiling, thus impairing the visibility.
After jumps it is important to mind where to fall.