Boomerang Sports Peteca Screenshots (Zeebo)

User Screenshots

Zeebo version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Creating a user profile.
Selecting the state you're located. This is only for identification purposes and doesn't affect on gameplay.
Selecting the court. If you have any other Zeebo Sports game, you can unlock its court and select it. Here I'm choosing Zeebo Sports TĂȘnis' court.
Selecting your character. As you play matches with each of them, their levels increase and it affects the difficulty level of the opponents.
Selecting your hand side.
Selecting the length of match. You can choose 3, 7, 11 or 17 points.
Before you play for the first time the game gives you the instructions on how to handle the Boomerang.
Flipping a coin to see who serves first.
Before the match starts the characters' levels will be shown. Your opponents will always be of higher levels than your character.
My character jumps for a smash.
When you score you character will cheer up.
You won the match!
After each match, this screen shows how many points each character won. The longer the game and better the scoring, the more you win points. Losing points is also possible.
If the opponent scores, your character will mourn.
When you hit the shuttlecock while standing over a green panel, your speed bar will be raised.
Depending on your score, the camera and players change sides.
Even if you're jumping when you hit the shuttlecock, your speed will be affected by the panels below.
Selecting characters for a two players game.
Characters with more than 1000 points earn new outfits. In this case, the man in bird dress (called "o Vaco") is outside the egg he was formerly in.