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Brain Challenge Screenshots (Zeebo)

User Screenshots

Zeebo version

Some say people use only 10% of their brains...
Title screen.
Loading screen.
Creating a new profile.
The rules for the Balance task (Logic).
Which one is the heaviest?
The Route task (Math) asks you to follow the numbers that match the operation shown.
The Travel task (Memory) shows you a sequence of arrows and then asks you to draw the same route they travelled.
The Ascending task (Visual) asks you to choose from the fewer to the greater amount of symbols by pressing the respective direction.
The Balls task (Focus) asks you to choose which ball jumps higher.
These are the results of my evaluation, 8% of cerebral capacity.
Selecting a coach: Dr. Hurley or Professor Stevens.
This is the main menu.
The control instructions are illustrated with the Z-Pad.
These graphs register your daily advance. I've just started.
Selecting a category for training.
Selecting a Memory task. Right now I only have Travel unlocked.
The game will keep track of how many right answers you gave in a row. Here I've got 15 right in a row, and did it fast!
These are my results for the Travel task, not bad!
This is a stress test. It combines a regular task (such as this Logic one, Magic Rule) with some kind of stress, like a visual one in this case.
This is my stress level, pretty high.
I've just unlocked a new item, the Visual stress task!
This is the Straws task in Kid Mode. Type how many straws you see.
The Order task shows you a sequence of items and then asks you which one came in a given order (like first, for instance).
In Mosaic task you're asked to complete the figure with the appropriate parts.
The Ninja task quickly shows you a moving colored ninja and then asks you where he was last seen.
My Kid Mode results.