FIFA Soccer 09 Screenshots (Zeebo)

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Zeebo version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Selecting a team for a quick match.
The teams are on the field, let's re-enact the fatidical match between Brazil and Germany in 2014 Worldcup (with slightly different teams).
The kick off, Germany starts with the ball.
Júlio César saves the day, for now...
Yellow card to Ronaldinho. It seems that Ronaldinho went through the same process Michael Jackson did.
And in the replay you can see he tackled the other player who wasn't even with the ball!
Another foul, this one almost a penalty! Brazilian players seem to be nervous.
Goal kick for Brazil, Júlio carefuly choses where to kick.
T. Frings was injured and is leaving the field.
And Ronaldinho scores a goal during the additional time of the first half!
The replay shows the exact moment when the ball passed the goalie.
End of first half.
Managing the team.
You can also change team formation.
Podolski is in an offside position.
The replay shows the offside.
End of game, Brazil wins!
You failed the challenge.
Selecting a challenge. This one is a match between Fiorentina and Milan. Fiorentina must win with a difference of 2 goals.
Choosing uniforms.
This is the action camera, with a much closer angle.
A corner kick.
Statistics for the match.