Iron Sight Screenshots (Zeebo)

User Screenshots

Zeebo version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Creating a profile for playing in campaign mode.
The story unfolds.
Before each level starts, a map overview is shown.
How to play using the Dragon controller.
Level 1, playing with the Rebellion in full zoom in mode.
A bonus item box descends from the sky.
The enemy shoots.
Aiming to shoot. While you hold the fire button, the aim advances in distance; when you release the button, the weapon is fired.
The aftermath screen.
Level 2. I just fired a missile which, after hitting a central target, divides itself in 4 missiles which spread sideways. That one was badly aimed, as can be seen by the position of the enemy.
Direct hits deal more damage and are worth more points.
The enemy runs for a bonus item box.
Starting a single mission (Level 3) with the Corporation.
The enemy uses a teleport item.
When the terrain allows it is possible to approach the enemy for an easier shot. Here, the computer fires a missile against my unity at close range.
When using a teleport item, the camera changes for a top-down view for the new placement of your unity.