Magical Drop III Screenshots (Zeebo)

User Screenshots

Zeebo version

Intro cutscene.
Title screen.
The only thing added to this version are these pop up menus. Here, for instance, you select number of players, access the options menu, the help screen or exit the game.
Game mode selection.
Character selection.
The game gives you the main instructions for the Survival Mode.
I've pulled down 2 balloons.
Placing a column of three or more balloons makes them disappear.
Starting Stage 1 in Challenge Mode.
When a stage starts, an animation of the two characters' Tarot cards flipping appears, revealing who's the player next opponent.
The Emperor vs. the Fool. I've just placed two chain reactions in a row, which sends two new lines of balloons to the opponent's field.
The Fool just lost. As his balloons are burned, mine are removed.
The tutorial screen will show up in between Challenge Mode stages.
Bursting special balloons will yield different effects. Just now I burst some red balloons with that symbol in them, which will burst all red balloons in my field.
I've just beat the Challenge Mode in Easy difficulty.
The Magical Journey mode places the player's character in a board game, with 25 spaces until the goal.
In this mode, bursting flame balloons like this yields more spaces to move in the board.
Falling over spaces with stars in them may yield power ups like this apple, which made me move 1 more space.
At some places in the board the player must choose a path to continue.
Things are in a pretty bad shape right now. Those numbered balloons can only be burst if you manage to cause the same number of chain reactions that appear on them.
That's too bad.
Game over.
The high score table for the Magic Journey mode.
Selecting characters in a two players game.
A two player game in course: the Empress vs. the Devil. The characters images behind the field react to what's happening in the game. Here the Devil celebrates Player 2's last move.