Pac-Mania Screenshots (Zeebo)

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Zeebo version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Round selection.
Round 1, ready!
About to eat a ghost.
Round 1 clear.
Round 2, about to eat a fruit for bonus points.
They've got me this time.
Round 3. This special item, the Double Pellet (pink), gives Pac-Man the same powers as the Power Pellet, but for a shorter time and for more points for each ghost eaten.
Round 4. This other special item, the Super Pellet (green), makes Pac-Man move faster.
Round 5 has a side passage that makes Pac-Man get to the opposite side of the map.
Beating round 5 takes you to the next world.
Round 6, jumping over some ghosts. The problem is that the green one also knows how to jump.
Round 7, about to drink some coffee.
Round 8, who wants some bananas?
Round 9, jumping over the orange ghost.
Round 10, about to eat a peach.
Round 11 introduces the grey ghost, who can also jump.
Round 12. The themes start to repeat (it's the same map as Round 1). I'm not sure if that bell will taste good!
Game over.