Prey Mobile 3D Screenshots (Zeebo)

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Zeebo version

Title screen.
Main menu.
The story begins.
As soon as Tommy faces his first enemy he utters "oh, this can't be good". Well, that's what some of the first people who played this game also said about it.
These three-legged frog-like creatures are grenades. How does Tommy knows it and why does he decides to pick one and try to pull its leg off remains a mystery.
Now, that's the spirit...ual bow!
Once you have the spiritual bow, when you die you'll be sent to the Spirit World. There you must hunt those flying creatures to regain health and mana.
The Spirit Walk must be used to solve some puzzles like deactivating this force field.
Who needs mirrors when you can walk out of your own body?
Finally, the Hunter Rifle. "Much better than the old wrench" says Tommy, and I can only agree!
Putting the rifle to a good use.
What's a school bus doing inside here?
And it is only when Tommy walks on walls that he asks "what the hell is this place?", even after everything he's seen so far?
Firing a stationary cannon.
This is the ship control room.
Jenny tells me she's inside some sort of chamber, and that so am I. But how?
Using the auto-cannon to kill the Centurion.
This must be the chamber Jenny mentioned before.
Using three legs (two after I pull it off) against four.
The Ripper is the best weapon you'll find in the game.
You could avoid encountering this guy.
This might come in handy!
This guy will try to prevent you from activating the teleporter.