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Rally Master Pro Screenshots (Zeebo)

User Screenshots

Zeebo version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Rally overview.
Stage briefing.
3, 2, 1... Go!
When you approach curves a sign appears showing the direction and intensity of the curve.
Racing by a church from a first person perspective.
Crossing the finish line.
When watching a replay you can select different cameras.
The race results showing the ranking for the last stage and for the rally.
About to cross a checkpoint in a dirt road.
Going under a bridge. Here we can see in game advertising for Galaxy on Fire 2.
I just crashed and went the wrong way. The collision was so hard that my hood opened and is about to fall off the car. When driving from a first person perspective it blocks your vision.
The replay shows the moment when the hood went off.
Every two races you can let your crew repair your car automatically or you can assist them for better results. If you chose to assist them, a mini game is shown.
After you're done, an animation shows your car being repaired by returning to its original undamaged form (or close to it, depending on your performance during the mini-game).
One advantage of not having licensed cars is that you can show vehicle damage.
A different mini-game. In this one you have to adjust the tires' pressure.
Sometimes you'll drive through narrow passages such as this one. Driving slightly off-track will damage your car.
Light changes accordingly while driving through tunnels.
Your car can fall off cliffs if you don't drive carefully enough.
The Professional difficulty uses a different car.
The raindrops against the "camera" can add some realism while racing in first person view, as it seems that the raindrops are hitting the windshield.
Racing a snowy course in the Expert difficulty.