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Toy Raid Screenshots (Zeebo)

User Screenshots

Zeebo version

Title screen and main menu.
The options menu.
The Help/Credits menu.
Starting the first wave.
Firing the guided shot.
Wave clear!
Wave end bonus screen.
Using the flak shot at Wave 2.
Using the rapid shot at Wave 3. You can see several boxes of it falling.
Things got busy at Wave 4 and one of the paratroopers managed to land. He's now running to sabotage my cannon.
Using the power shot at Wave 6.
At Wave 7 things are not that easy. I'm hit for the second time now. One more and I lose one life.
Using the scatter shot at Wave 8.
Using the big shot at wave 9.
At Wave 10 you face your first boss, that brown bomber plane.
Using a nuke to clear the screen at Wave 12.
Game over at Wave 13.
And I've got a high score.