Un Juego de Huevos Screenshots (Zeebo)

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Zeebo version

Title screen.
The main menu. From here you can choose to play the story mode, the competition mode, see the credits or exit.
Selecting a profile to play. You can have up to three games saved simultaneously.
Confi introduces the player to the story in the cutscenes.
The introduction cutscene already shows who's gonna be the first boss in game.
As you start, fellow eggs will give you hints when you approach them.
The access to further levels is closed. To open them, Toto has to first collect the necessary amount of jewels.
First stage gameplay. Toto uses a lollipop as a weapon. His first enemies will be ants.
After collecting all blue jewels in a stage, this yellow window will pop up adding the achievement to your collection.
Finishing a stage for the first time gives Toto a red jewel.
When you have the necessary amount of jewels the gate of a stage will open for you.
In the second stage Toto will travel through the sewers. His enemies will be mostly rats like these.
In the third stage confi will travel through a forest. Reptile eggs will fight him.
In the fourth stage Toto will be at the top of icy mountains. With his blanket (gained in the previous stage) he will be able to fly up wind currents like these.
The fifth and last state is at caves. Bats and magma rocks will be common there. Toto can perform wall jumps just like this to climb up otherwise unreachable spots.
Two players can race in the competition mode. This is the level selection screen.
Toto and Willy wait for the checkered flag to wave.
In this competition, the eggs have to run catching jewels and avoid getting stuck in the edge of the scrolling screen.
At the end of each race the score is calculated taking in account the number of jewels taken, arriving fist at the finish line and the number of times the player got stuck in the scrolling screen.
This is the cooperative mode. Willy can join the game at any time through the in game menu options.
Toto and Willy will share the same screen. If one of them gets ahead of the other, a small arrow will indicate where the other was left behind.