Wizard Fire Screenshots (Zeebo)

User Screenshots

Zeebo version

Intro cutscene: here our villains tell us how they plan to unlock the Dragon Shrine by taking 101 innocent lives.
Title screen.
The only thing added to this version are these pop up menus. Here, for instance, you select number of players, access the options menu, the help screen or exit the game.
Character selection screen, your usual D&D party: a knight, a bard, a wizard, an elf and a dwarf.
First stage cutscene: did they really need him to warn them about his presence. I mean, he's riding a friggin' dragon!
At the beggining of each stage a little map will show you where you are in your journey, just like Golden Axe.
Breaking chests will reveal items to collect. Here, for instance, we have a gauntlet which will make the character attacks more powerful.
Your first boss, Volov. Some of his attacks will paralyze the player, who will have to move the directional left and right constantly.
The dwarf uses magic to turn into a rock. While in that form, the player becomes invulnerable until the magic meter at the bottom of the screen is depleted.
Statues like those hide health items.
The second stage boss appears in the middle of it and summons water blobs. With the armor, the character becomes invulnerable for a few hits.
The dwarf died. Whenever a character dies, the player can continue with a different one.
The second stage boss turns into a tree. The dwaf's axe proves itself quite useful here.
And then you ask yourself: how could the knight smash water to bits?
The knight using his flail. The blue glow that can be seen near it shows that his attack was fully charged.
The pentagram symbol transforms the character into a powerful being. The knight turns into an angel.
The third stage sub-boss is a doppelgänger who jumps back whenever attacked. The elf has this three-directional attack which will make killing it a bit easier.
Some stages have shortcuts to be taken, provided the player finds their entrances. Here, the bard uses his spetum to break that wall.
That pig there is the player's character, transformed by the touch of a ghoul.
The Wizard fights Volov again, now riding a skeleton dragon.
The dragon has poisoned the Wizard.
Two players gameplay shown as demonstration. The arcade game wasn't changed so you still see the "insert coin" message flashing while the game is demonstrated.