Zeebo Extreme Corrida Aérea Screenshots (Zeebo)

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Zeebo version

Title screen and main menu.
The options menu. All text here is in Portuguese as this is the Brazilian release of the game. Unlike other Zeebo games, this one doesn't allow the player to choose a language.
Character selection. You have 4 characters to choose from, but they're only really different in appearance. The choice doesn't affect gameplay.
The course selection screen. Here you have 3 different courses, each with a difficulty setting. This is the only game in the series which doesn't have circuits based in real locations.
The loading screen shows how the game is controlled using either the Z-Pad or the Boomerang.
1, 2, 3... Go!
The opponents are highlighted by those crosses, as the movement in this game is much more free than in the others in the series.
Whenever the player crashes and stops, he/she will be respawned. A big yellow "X" crosses the screen while the plane is put back on track.
Though some areas look wide open, the track is pretty delimited: if the plane flies away from the track it is respawned back.
The results screen. This time I got first. Here you can choose to race again or exit.
Going through the rings recharges the plane's turbo.
In game advertising for the developer and the console.
The balloons are statical and are there as obstacles. These are from the second circuit.
When you use the turbo, the plane's smoke intensifies.
The head-to-head character selection screen.
There are some huge caverns the planes get in. This one is at the third, most difficult circuit.
Both players crashed and are being respawned.
The plane automatically turns when going through narrow canyons like the one player two is passing.
Player two won the race. Once again you're asked to play again or exit.