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Zeebo F.C. Super League Screenshots (Zeebo)

User Screenshots

Zeebo version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Selecting a Zeeboid to create a new team.
The game tells me this Zeeboid was previously trained in Zeebo F.C. Foot Camp.
Customizing the team's uniform. You can customize the two official uniforms, including the goalkeeper's outfit.
Escalating the team. Unfortunately the only user created Zeeboid available is the one you select to create the team (and who becomes the team captain).
MobyGames Football Club. Here you can see the trophies won (none right now) and the team skills (Precision, Control, Reflexes and Strength).
Starting a new campaign. This is the Spirit of Football. He tells you that nobody plays football with passion anymore, so he's becoming weak and needs you to save the "Art Football".
The Spirit of Football unlocks the first league, the Liga do Campinho (something like "neighborhood little field's league).
The League's table, showing the results so far and your next game.
Kick off!
Bumping the opponent to steal the ball.
Scoring a goal!
After scoring a goal, the team will go cheering.
The game results. The green square at the bottom tells you a challenge was completed.
After each game, depending on how well you played, your team skills will level up.
The last game in each league tournament is against a "boss team". In the first league, the team is "A Gangue Bully (The Bully Gang). Here I'm selecting which uniforms each team will use.
The first league podium.
The second league, the Liga dos Sete Mares (Seven Seas League) has a pirate theme and its games take place in a pirate ship. Here I'm using the Giant power up to run over the opponents.
When using the Crazy Chicken power up, a chicken will invade the field and steal the ball, running with it close to the opponent's goal.
The third league, the Liga MetrĂ³polis (Metropolis League) has a sci-fi theme and its games take place in a field with a Tron-like look. Here the opponent is using the Bomb-Ball power up.
The opponent uses the Mega-Ball power up, which knocks down my goal keeper.
The forth league, the Liga dos Mortos Vivos (Undead League) has an undead theme and games take place at a cemetery. Here a Bomb-Ball was used when a Crazy Chicken was used, creating a roasted chicken.
The Wall power prevents the opponent scoring with the Mega-Ball, as it blocks the goal.
The last league, Super Liga (Super League) has an Aztec-like theme and the games take place at what looks like an Aztec temple. The Spirit of Football explains that the last team is formed by "his chi
Sometimes, if the player uses the dash command against a wall, it is possible to score, making the ball go through.
Checking the league championship statistics so far.
Checking the unlocked challenges.