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WindowsGame Informer Magazine (Dec, 2001)
Kristian deserves to have his head stuffed up a rhino’s rump! This game rocks! It runs on a similar engine as Roller Coaster Tycoon and allows players to build and customize every little aspect of the park. If you play this game in an unorthodox manner, like I do, you’ll smile rawly as lions tear apart your hapless visitors, and polar bears feast on a baby fox. The options available truly are endless. You’ll need to micromanage every little detail of the zoo, all while making sure that your animals are healthy and content with their habitats.
WindowsGameZone (Oct 02, 2003)
Of course, if you already own Marine Mania, there's not much point to getting this complete edition just for the new animals, especially as they'll be available for free download from the web site soon. But for people who either don't own any of these games, or who don't have Marine Mania, this edition is a must have. My daughter and sister both love animals and have thoroughly enjoyed this program ever since it came out. Marine Mania really added to the quality of the original, and designing the marine shows is quite enjoyable. With Christmas soon to appear over the horizon, I would recommend this program wholeheartedly for a great family gift.
Windows3DAvenue (Sep 03, 2003)
Well, if there is one genre that the PC will never lose to the console world, it is simulations. All you need is a smooth rolling mouse, a less than average spec'd PC and the right balance of patience and passion to get you through. Simulation titles like Sim City and Rollercoaster Tycoon never had much trouble keeping the patience of the player intact with their passion, in other words, we could take all the crap Sim City had to dish because building a city was (usually) fun enough to keep you going. But what happens when you take away that ultimate fun factor, and the simulation continues to assert itself as a patience driven game?
WindowsGame Informer Magazine (Dec, 2001)
These things along with a host of others will ensure that you’ll enjoy your time with Zoo Tycoon on some level, but this game really lacks the addictive teeth that many other sim games seem to have. Overall I thought this title was fun for what it was worth, but I didn’t have a problem walking away from it when the time came.
WindowsWithingames (Oct 03, 2003)
Wie sich manche vielleicht noch erinnern können, war ich seinerzeit ziemlich von „Wildlife Park“ angetan. Da ich den Konkurrenten „Zoo Tycoon“ bislang nur aus Demo-Versionen kannte, war ich umso mehr gespannt auf das Spiel. Im Großen und Ganzen hat auch dieses Spiel es einmal mehr geschafft, mich in seinen Bann zu ziehen. Eine Kombination aus beiden Titeln wäre wirklich begrüßenswert. Womit mich die Complete Collection von Zoo Tycoon aber wirklich beeindrucken konnte ist der hohe Tiefgang und die Programmumfang dank der beiden enthaltenen Erweiterungen. Da es das Ganze auch noch zu einem wirklich günstigen Preis zu kaufen gibt, kann ich das Game eigentlich bedenkenlos empfehlen, außer man kann mit Titeln des Genres im Allgemeinen gar nichts anfangen.