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Zoo Tycoon Screenshots

User Screenshots

Xbox One version

The splash screen
The main menu
Welcome to my park
Driving one of the buggies
The park from bird's eye view
Sabrina my white lion
The Indian Rhino exhibit
Placing a new exhibit
Adopting a bear species suitable for the exhibit
Building some enrichment in the exhibit, it seems this is for chimpanzees, not bears
Looking at the Indian Elephants from person view
One of the animal interactibles that can be done through controller or Kinect, cleaning the rhino with water
This was a challenge zoo, with players having to complete challenges to unlock new items and gain money
Adopting a red panda for my new mini exhibit
The Zoo Overview quickly tells the player how the quests think about the zoo, seems I don't have enough restrooms
Back in the main menu, the latest Community Achievement is found, in this case it was releasing boa constrictors so Microsoft would fund a real life organisation for the protecting of boa constrictors
Loading screen when loading my other zoo
A male pronghorn
A young bear cub
Enjoying the view of one of the decorations
Watching snakes in a mini exhibit with guests
I really have to go but the door is closed :(
Managing the staff
Looking at photo's from the unlocked animals
Looking at the photo journal of photo's i've taken myself
Reading about the enemies in the Zoopedia