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Zool Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Intro sequence
Title screen
Zool Hiscores
Zool portrait (AGA version only)
Starting sequence (AGA version only)
Sweet World - Zool has ability to cling to walls (AGA version)
Sweet World - Switch on the left is restart point (AGA version)
Sweet World - Bumble bees are fast & dangerous enemies
Sweet World Boss - The Hum-bugger
Music World - Looks like an ambush by walking drums (AGA version)
Music World - the keyboard. I tried to play a little silly melody, but Zool is fast and it's not so completely easy to land on the key you need...
Music World - Soundwaves will take you higher (AGA version)
Music World - Travelling on cable to another location
Music World Boss - Jimmies Killer Guitar
Fruit World - This game is mainly about jumping & spinning (AGA version)
Fruit World - Zool can slide down from high places (AGA version)
Fruit World - Balancing on the edge of fruit can
Fruit World Boss - Banana and Alarm Clock
Bonus stage - Zool is flying his ship inside the body
Bonus Level - Genuine shooter with different kind of weapons
Tool World - Big bug can split into two smaller bugs (AGA version)
Tool World - Lets take a little rest on this wall (AGA version)
Tool World - Watch out for falling axe and sharp objects
Tool World Boss - Giant Driller Killer
Toy World - Panda above Zool is actually 10000 points bonus (AGA version)
Toy World - Running away from tank's intense fire (AGA version)
Toy World - AD TO EC EC... probably some secret code
Toy World Boss - Maxie the Robot
Fairground World - What a strange place to explore (AGA version)
Fairground World - Zool, evil hammers and restart point (AGA version)
Fairground World - Pick up the badge to finish current level
Fairground World Boss - The unmentionable, indescribable Two Eyed Thing
Fairground World - in this level Zool can use a balloon as a lift.
Ending sequence - Zool returns to his planet.
Ending sequence, the more kitschy part.

Amiga CD32 version

Loading screen
End of introduction render video
Title screen
Hi scores
Area 1.1
Area 1.1 start
Area 1.2

Atari ST version

Title screen
Second title screen
Loading screen
Starting level one
Two enemies
Level complete
A level boss
Time for a bonus level
Flying underground
Bonus item ahead
Not the best level graphics I've seen
An ant, or something like that
Game over. But I got a high score
The high score table

DOS version

Title screen
Level 1: Sweet World
Interstellar ninja Zool can cling to walls. Consequently, the game features vertical platforms.
And now for a round of: Spot the Sponsor!
Sweet World boss: the evil hum-bugger.
Level 2: Music World
Floating high on soundwaves. Must be light music.
Zool clings to a cable to avoid ground enemies - but he better beware the spark!
Going round and round and round...
Music World boss: Jimmie's Killer Guitar.
Level 3: Fruit World
Zool can slide into enemies and right through them.
Ah! Bonus!
Fruit World boss: Banana and Alarm Clock.
Secret level! Yep, it's a genuine, side-scrolling space shooter.
Level 4: Tool World
These sweet little bugs split into two smaller versions when you hit them.
Chainsaw massacre? Run, Zool, run!
Torches in a wooden world? The carelessness!
Tool World boss: Giant Killer Driller. He slowly drills away the ground Zool is standing on...
Level 5: Toy World
Tanks, paper bomber airplanes, killer yo-yos - who'd have guessed that toys could be that dangerous?
Toy World boss: Maxie the Robot.
Level 6: Fairground World.
Two Zools? It's the mirror image extra!
The fairground version of a one-way elevator.
Mommy, it's a bouncy castle!
Cool! Zool can control himself in an arcade machine!
Final boss: The unmentionable indescribable Two Eyed Thing.

Game Boy version

Title Screen
The Candy Zone
These speakers go to "11."
Zool slides down the trees.
Watch out, that stuff is sharp.
Giant walls of Jello

Game Gear version

Splash screen
Title screen
Start of area 1
Climbing like a real ninja ant
Watch out, Mr. Bassett's!
Zool doesn't like the spikes

Genesis version

Getting ready
The Beginning
Hit this button to restart the level at this point
"Good God!" gasped Gerald "Look at the size of that cookie!"
Touch this coin to exit the level
Zool standing on what? Lolly-Rollers?
Two Zools
"What the hell are you staring at?"
Swimming in chocolate topping
Boss (with two green Life Savers on his back)
Seems Mr. Potato Head has lost one part of his head
Zool is blown up into the air by music notes
"Good God!" gasped Gerald "Look at the size of that stereo"
Get this power-up to jump higher in the air
Beware the killer speaker
Playing the piano
Nice place
I didn't know that carrots could jump
Jumping carrots? Now banana wearing shoes. What's next? Speaking oranges?
"Good God!" gasped Gersld "Look at the size of that pineapple ring"

SEGA Master System version

A funny company logo if I ever saw one...
Title screen
Yeah, yeah, I'm ready...
Starting location
The hero can climb walls, like every true ninja should
I'm scared of this little sad green guy
Killed in a battle against mighty insects
Well, it's good to know...
The first boss is a candy bee chimaera.
World 2 has a musical theme, and not surprising, you have to fight instruments-

SNES version

Getting ready
Lots of things to eat
Zool climbs up
This jelly will be history in no time
Ascending a snowy hill
Trying not to glitch on this moving floor
Jumping up to the skies, collecting items
You have to catch this wooden plank to travel through the sewer system, otherwise, you'll be only able to walk slowly