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Escape from Delirium Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Main Title/Main Menu
Intro animation and automated sequences use zooming things, which literally makes picture blurry.
The rope cuts, and you're left in a sewer until help comes.
Some neat adventure tricks are used in this point-and-click adventure game as well.
An obviously zoomed in view.
As you witnessed the robbery, you're on top of removal list now.
A few hours before your flight, someone places a timed-bomb in da plane.
Beside the bomb placed in your plane, it's also hijacked.
Surprisingly, plane crashes somewhere ina a jungle (as it usually goes with adv. games).
When you try to use some object, it gives you a small picture as icon. Pretty cool, and really original, I'll say!
Hmmm, he looks familiar...
The game map.
Another reference to Monkey Island.
Seems like everybody hates Microsoft.
Another uninteresting dialogue.
These developers sure know their Star Wars novels.
The transporters in Star Trek are not half as cool as this one.
Paul Cole is a bit of a wussy.
The graveyard.
I'm suddenly having a Prince of Persia flashback.
Newspaper story (intro)
To the sewer
Hey, buddy! I saw robbery!
Bad guys
I'm witness
More dead bodies
Storage room