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3D Tunnel Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

Main menu
Stage 1 - bat
Stage 2 - spider
Stage 3 - frog
Stage 4 - rat
Stage 5 - train
Stage 5 - passengers
Hitting a bat.
A bat flapping.
The closer a spider can gets.
Trying to hit a spider.
The first glimpse of a frog.
Frog preparing to jump.
Kermit!!! What have they done to you?
I was kiddin', you dont't look anything like that squalid unfunny frog... what are you doing? Stop, sto...
This tape was found at the deep forests of northern Portugal. The yellow image it's the belly of Kermit hitting the camer... hey! how did yo.. what are y... (static noise)
Danger Mouse getting close.
The closest image of Dang... You're name's Mickey okay, oka... stop right there... now... sit!
The dark image it's the belly of Danger Mouse hit... (loud scream + static noise)
The first glimpse of the Train!
Wazz up bro?
The Train the closest it can get.
The whole length of the Train.
Game Over.
The light at the end of the tunnel. C'mon don't tell me the programmer hadn't thought about the classic saying...
This is a famous but lost Mondrian work.
And that's all folks!