Abu Simbel Profanation (ZX Spectrum)

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Written by  :  666gonzo666 (61765)
Written on  :  Apr 10, 2013
Platform  :  ZX Spectrum
Rating  :  2.75 Stars2.75 Stars2.75 Stars2.75 Stars2.75 Stars
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Modern games are too easy? Try Abu Simbel!

The Good

ABP is 2D platform, like a Jet Set Willy, and...this game is for HARDCORE gamers. Beginning somehow did not seem particularly hardcore. player has ten live - pretty good. The player starts from the entrance to the temple at Abu Simbel (by the way, is a real place, but of course for the game tweaked. Whether you know the typical images of Egyptian statues carved into a rock? That's it!) And then waiting first obstacle for the player - dripping water .One of her touch kills! And there is already a difficult game, you have to have perfect timing and reflexes, when drops fall to be able to run even a millimeter wrong or run a quarter of a second too soon ends in death! ...And that was just the first obstacle. Nimble fingers are REALLY necessary, and the player needs to know the levels to move on and do not fall into one of the many pitfalls. Controls are pretty simple - Left, right, and two types of jump.

The Bad

The difficulty is also a downside - depending on the player. With rage, you can get a nosebleed and accidentally destroy the keyboard. I never finished the game, or even get really far, because after a couple of chambers ended my life, I have no such nerves. Oh, just one more thing - spectrum's sound is BAD. REALLY BAD

The Bottom Line

Classic.Are you hardcore gamer (Meat Boy & Ninja Gaiden) ? It's a game for you. Other cases - Abu Simbel Profanation is far too difficult.