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Alien Swarm Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

Loading Screen.
Life lost
"Next level"
Two to kill -- but they are too fast
Green background
Doodlebugs - Data Upgrade 6
Doodlebugs - Phase 6
Doodlebugs - Data Upgrade 7
Doodlebugs - Phase 7
Doodlebugs - Data Upgrade 8
Doodlebugs - Phase 8
Doodlebugs - Data Upgrade 9
Doodlebugs - Phase 9
Doodlebugs - the last one managed to escape on phase 10. A ship is lost.
Luserbugs - phase 1
Luserbugs - phase 2
Luserbugs - phase 3
Luserbugs - phase 4
Luserbugs - phase 5
Luserbugs - phase 7
Luserbugs - the last one managed to escape on phase 10. A ship is lost.
The 3rd wave - The SWARMERS!!!
The SWARMERS - Initial screen.
Data Upgrade - The SWARMERS
The SWARMERS - high energy bomb exploding on the ground.
The SWARMERS - all destroyed.
The SWARMERS - `dreaded eyes' going to bite the dust.
The SWARMERS - generating weaponry eggs in an almost impossible level. Homing bombs and high energy bombs chasing the spaceship.
Complete madness. Only a machine can defeat this level. The `dreaded eyes' captured shooting a ray which will with 100% hit its target. Time to stop playing.