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Altered Beast Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

Loading Screen
Title Screen
This cool animation happens if you don't press anything for a while
Options Screen
Rise from your grave
The lightning from above resurrects you from your eternal slumber
These zombies come to bits easy
These blue zombies are quite tough
Your not powerful enough to face this boss
Time your kick carefully when attacking the white beast
When you kill a white beast you get a power up
After collecting 3 power ups you turn into the werewolf
The first boss throws clones of his head at you which need to be avoided
After defeating the boss he steals your power ups off you reducing you back to your weaker human form
Weird blob type creatures live in the swamp
The blobs can jump on your head and need to be shaken off with left and right
Snakes appear and fly vertically up or down the screen
On the second level you turn into a dragon after collecting 3 power ups
One of the dragons powers is an electrical shield
The second boss is giving you the eye
The weird ant creatures live in the cave
You cant get on these creatures like you could in Golden Axe
Facing the 3rd boss in human form is suicide