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Autocrash Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

Load screen. This starts out as a monochrome picture which quickly colours itself in.
The game pauses at this quirky screen until the player presses the space bar
Now comes the load screen
I think this says 'Hello Victims of the Autocrash programmers'. Like all text screens it gradually builds from a series of horizontal slices
Game control options I chose Telecado aka Keyboard and was taken straight to the key definition screen.
This is a game of dodgems. The game starts with the player driving a dodgem car.
The empty cars on the track are used later. When this life is lost / the driver dies, then a new driver starts in one of the empty cars
There is one other computer controlled driver.
If the computer car hits the player from behind, the player's driver is catapulted into the air.
The second driver starts at the edge and must be walked into the car
If the computer car scores a particularly good strike, a it cheers itself.
There is no car for this start, I think it got knocked out of position.
On reflection it may have been safer to walk around the outside
Its my last life. The game flips the screen and slowly peels it away. There's no apparent score. The next screen after this is the Game Control Options screen