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ZX Computing (Oct, 1986)
This game has virtually all the features I expect from an adventure, and shows how powerful The Quill utilities can be. Because there's so much, the game is in three parts, you can move freely between them reloading SAVED positions. A little inconvenient but far better than having less game. There are a few bugs and the game is no master piece, but despite its faults The Boggit is an extremely enjoyable and professional adventure.

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Your Computer (Sep, 1986)
With the imminent re-release of The Hobbit it seems only natural that Fergus McNeil and Co, those masters of the spoof clone , should release The Boggit. Once again McNeil puts his tongue firmly in his cheek and takes the mickey out of an established adventure but, as Kenny Everett would say, "all in the best possible taste".
Sinclair User (Aug, 1986)
Wonderful spoof of that Other Game. A triumph of insanity over logic with delightfully snappy humour
BOGGIT zeichnet sich - wieder einmal typisch CRL! - durch eine hervorragende Story aus. Das Spiel ist geQUILLT und ILLUSTRATED. Das Vokabularium ist als sehr gut zu bezeichnen. Die Grafiken sind hervorragend. Das Beste sind allerdings die (Begleit-)Kommentare! Da das Spiel noch brandneu ist, gibt es noch einiges zu erkunden, was uns noch verborgen blieb.
Crash! (Sep, 1986)
The name behind DELTA 4 is one Fergus McNeil. He brought you Robin of Sherlock and Bored of the Rings and now he's waylaying us with his latest offering – The Boggit, Bored Too (two, that is). Regulars to the column will remember how I enjoyed both of Fergus's earlier offerings but wondered how universally funny the jokes actually were. In The Boggit, the comic genius's talent has been trained, focused and profitably directed towards the one theme – taking The Hobbit computer game to the cleaners (although the thought of cleansing isn't quite the right analogy here)!
Boggit shows a surer touch, and greater confidence in approach than its predecessor Bored. Some of the jokes are quite subtle, and the text has occasionally to be read a second time to check whether it really means what you thought it meant, or if it just your twisted mind at work!
Your Sinclair (Oct, 1986)
The usual humour is packed in, such as the response to GET ALL or the input of four-letter words (and you can safely BREAK WIND in this one, if you choose). There's more than a passing reference to Infocom adventures, that'll be lost on most Spectrum owners, but from what I've seen of the game so far it's got everything we've come to expect from Delta 4 and a few new tricks besides. Don't just Boggit, buy it!
Computer Gamer (Jul, 1986)
I didn't enjoy this game nearly as much as Fergus' earlier efforts and I think that there are two reasons for this. The first is that the humour seems forced. Whereas before, the jokes used to be snappy one liners, here you get pages of the stuff at once and it doesn't work nearly so well. Secondly, the earlier games were accused in some quarters of being too easy and this has been tightened up although again, I preferred the earlier style where you could wander round lots of locations early on In the game. Here you get stuck in the same few for all the early part of the game and I fell that this too detracts from the atmosphere.