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atari breakout

Buggy Ranger Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

Game load screen
The player then sees this screen in which the game credits scroll across the bottom of the screen. The main window is occupied with the game title, DINAMIC & IRON BYTE in bouncing text
The game control menu
Looks like its possible to restart at different points / levels in the game
The game starts here. There's the buggy which bumbles along quite nicely
The buggy can jump - but not very far
.. and the player can fire bullets
.. and the turret can fly, how cool is that!
The buggy cannot get past the mail box - but that's easily taken care of. Same applies to fire hydrants.
This looks like an obstacle but isn't - the buggy climbs this happily
Later the buggy is attacked by helicopters
... and floaty, balloon mine like things
... and jets
... and aliens
Later on the turret ran out of ammo so these missiles should probably have been collected
Also later on the buggy ran out of fuel which makes this fuel can another potentially good thing to collect
The end of the game. Two obstacles ahead, no ammo to destroy them, cannot jump over them, cannot go back. Only option seems to be to ram them until the buggy's destroyed
Game over. No sore of any kind. Back to the second game screen with the bouncing titles