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Castles and Clowns Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

The title screen
The game mode selection screen
King of the Castle game: player selection screen
King of the Castle game: Setting the game speed/difficulty level
King of the Castle game: Playing the game. The player here has already got picture one right, it was e for egg. They got picture two wrong and are now being asked about picture nine
King of the Castle game: The score at the end of a game
The Clown game: Loading screen
The Clown game: Confirmation of a one player game and setting the game speed / difficulty level
The Clown game: The clown has a letter 'a' on his hat. Pictures flash up on either side of his book. When the initial of the object pictured is an 'a' the player presses RETURN
The Clown game: Game Over!
The Clown game: When the game finishes the clown drifts upwards but he'll be back