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Chase H.Q. Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

The game load screen
The load screen is replaced by this. The game waits here until the player presses a key
The game menu / controller selection screen
Having selected the Kempston Joystick as a controller the player then gets this menu. Enter returns to the previous screen, 'FIRE' on the joystick (which is gear change in the game) starts the chase
Here's Nancy with a message. Ralph, the Idaho Slasher, is on the run in a white British sports car (at least the guy has style). Go get him!
The start of the chase. The car starts in low gear, there are only two
Make a tight turn and the tyres smoke
The arrow up ahead is a great bug clue - that's the way the bad guy went
Go the wrong way and your partner wakes up.
If the player follows the road the bad guys took they'll find it full of obstacles
Eventually time is up, but there's always a chance to restart
The car leaves the road when it flies over a hump in the road which is a nice touch
the bad guy appears ahead. To the left is a black stripe which will become a damage bar
Time up again. Plenty of damage caused to the bad guys car but not quite enough to stop it
When the 3rd life has expired, or if the player presses 'Q' by mistake, the game is over ...
... but even without completing mission 1 its possible to get onto the scoreboard