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atari breakout

Chubby Gristle (ZX Spectrum)

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Corrections If there is an error with the information in MobyGames for this game, visit the game correction page. It will guide you to correct place where you can submit a correction to the administrators.
New Platform If this game was released for another platform that is not yet documented in MobyGames and is a port of the existing entry, you can submit the additional platform to be added.
Alternate Titles If this game has been released under an alternate title or is more commonly known by another name, you can contribute the alternate title with this feature. Reasons for alternate titles range from re-releases and localized releases to informal/slang names.
Credits The credits for the people/companies that worked on this game. (We encourage contributions in this area.)
Release Info Games are released in many different countries, on many different dates by different publishers. If you want to add additional release information that's not already in MobyGames, here's where to do it. If you need to add or correct something to that's on file please submit a correction.
Patch Info Many Computer games have patches released for them to address bugs and sometimes add new features. MobyGames has the ability to track the patch history of a game. Information about the patches include a date the patch was released, the country the patch was released in and a free-form comments field describing the patch.
Product Codes Contribute UPC, EAN, ISBN, Sony Part numbers and other product codes for your games.
Cover Art If we don't have any cover art (scans of the box, scans of the jewel case, and disc) on file for this game, or if you have alternate cover art, use this feature to upload it. Please look over our cover scanning tips, it has some helpful information for people scanning covers.
Overlays Overlays are templates that go over keyboards or controllers. Many old systems such as the Atari 5200 had games that shipped with these. This option is enabled because one or more of the platforms this game was released for supports overlays.
Screenshots Similar to cover art, you can also upload screenshots that illustrate what gameplay is like for others who have never seen the game.
Promo Art If there are official images, such as screenshots, concept art, or wallpaper, used to promote the game, you can contribute them here.
Tech-Info Technical information about the game (like what hardware and software it supports). Other quasi technical information like number of supported players, etc can be added here as well.
Trivia If you have some trivia or interesting facts about the game that you want to share with the rest of the world. Pretty much anything else game related that is not covered by the other categories could go here.
Tips & Tricks Hints/Tips, Walkthroughs, Cheats/Codes, and Easter Eggs for the game.
Ad Blurbs Ad Blurbs are written advertisements for a game from sources such as a box cover, a game manual or a company web site. For posterity's sake, we like to document this type of information. If you have any ad blurbs laying around, go ahead and contribute them.
Related Sites Often there are shrines, fan sites, or web rings dedicated to a game. If you want to create a link from MobyGames to a related site.