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Dalek Attack Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

The famous Doctor Who logo.
The Daleks announce their plan for world domination.
The first level is set in London.
If playing a 2 player game then the 2nd player controls the companion Ace.
Carefully avoid the lasers that the probe shoots.
Outside in the streets of London.
Exploration of the levels is rewarded by hidden extra lives.
These pickups give your Sonic Screwdriver power.
Use the ladder to ascend the building
A Dalek is waiting to blast you inside the house.
Free these prisoners to get the access key.
The first boss you encounter.
Shimmy along the ridge of the church.
Inside the church more Daleks await you
These Robomen are mind controlled humans which have been converted by the Daleks.
The second boss which you have to fight atop the Eiffel Tower.
On a train in the New York Subway system.
The back streets of NYC.
The third Boss is another flying probe thingy.
Using the awnings to scale the Tokyo marketplace.
Yet another train this one is the bullet train.
The fourth boss
Davros has laid out plenty of platforms on Skaro.
You need to carefully jump over the flame pit.
The final boss Davros creator of the Daleks. He can fly in this game be it in a circular pattern.