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Your Sinclair (Mar, 1988)
If you are totally bored with playing the good guy all the time, there's an absolutely spiffing option that lets you play the Mekon himself. But beware this makes the game so hard that it is best left to experienced (or heroic) players. Everything from the loading screen to the end sequence has been lovingly crafted by the programming team, and it feels as though the game has had a pretty thorough play-testing. Action is non-stop and sweat-inducing, and about as playable and addictive as anyone could wish for. Could this be the perfect Spectrum computer game? If not, I bet you could count better games on the finger of one hand! I loved Dan Dare, and I simply adore Dan Dare II. I might as well go out and buy 100 gallons of midnight oil, because there is no way I am going to put this game down until I have beaten that dastardly Mekon once and for all! See you in about two years (if I'm lucky!).
Bright bold clash-free colours make this a great-looking game, but tough controls will cause you some problems at first.
Although quite playable in a fairly unoriginal way, I still feel Dan Dare and the Mekons as a concept has a lot more to offer than this game achieves. Will there be a Dan Dare III?
Dan Dare II makes a pleasing sequel, with plenty of appeal but somewhat less depth than the first one. The Spectrum version is a touch more playable than the Amstrad, mainly because the graphics (by Martin Wheeler who gave Virgin their first big hit with Sorcery) are a lot clearer, though not as immediately stunning. Colour has been used well and liberally used without attribute problems and the sound FX are above average, even in 48K mode. A neat piece of programming with enough entertainment to make it a worthy purchase.
Sinclair User (Mar, 1988)
Dan Dare II is a very hard game to get into. That's not to say it's a bad game, it needs patience and a lot of skill to get through it. If you have that patience you could find it thoroughly rewarding, spindly graphics or no. But if you want something that you're going to be able to sit down and play straight off, go for something else, Dan Dare II does not make life easy for you.