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Dan Dare III: The Escape Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

Load screen
Company name. This explodes in slow motion quite prettily
Game menu
Action key redefinition. Looks fine but on my version it made no difference at all - the original settings did not change.
Second game controller menu where once again the player is asked to choose a controller.
Start of the game and Dan's cowering behind a piece of equipment because he's being shot at from off the screen. It does no good because it offers no protection at all ....
Fighting back. Good news - Dan's shots can block the enemy shots, bad news the enemy's shots can block Dan's
Their shots don't come up this high so Dan on his jet pack can move around unscathed
There he is, a purple jumpy thing that pops up, shoots, and falls back down
Got him/her!
Through the narrow gap where there's another purple jumping shooting thing waiting
Through another narrow gap where the giant statue shoots from its laser eyes and its hover saucer.
Just shooting it does no good. It must me shot i the head to destroy it
There it goes!
The top left of the screen says 'Plasma Rifle'. That's not what I've got so there must be one nearby. Its not here and the only place to go is down. A fine time to get a fuel warning
Landed and being shot at again
There it is!
Now all I need to do is teleport to the next level
Miss a few hoops and the teleport fails taking Dan back to the teleporter and costing a life.
Miss a few more and its Game Over. From here the game returns to the second game controller menu