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This game is truly a masterpiece.
A visual and a mental feast;
Load it up, you'll want to play
So join the chorus of my lay...
(One, two, three, four...)
Happy, torching, torching Dragontorc
Torc about games you like to play...
ZX Computing (Jun, 1985)
The amazing thing about this is not the graphics, which are superb, the sound which is very good, or the plot which is extremely challenging, but the subtlety and range of control which is possible using only five controls either via a joystick or the keyboard.
Crash! (May, 1985)
I thoroughly enjoyed Avalon and Dragontorc looks as if it will surpass that. It’s in the same style as Avalon but rather than having to explore rooms the game is set all over ancient Britain so there’s forests and caves etc to explore. The 3D graphics are well drawn although there is still that flicker but once your eyes get used to it it’s unnoticable. This is a great arcade-adventure with plenty of tasks and challenges. Dragontorc is much more involved than Avalon and is certainly a worthy CRASH SMASH. The author Steve Turner has created his best game yet, exciting, challenging and highly addictive. It’s also pretty damn hard so I shall expect you all to be sending tips to Rob. The save game facility is valuable as is the feature of not going back to square one after a death. An excellent balance of incentive and difficulty
Sinclair Programs (May, 1985)
A number of nice touches add to the computer movie effect of Dragon torc. The sound effects let you know what is happening, as far as is possible with the Spectrum. You can hear skeletons thudding around the room, or the elves skipping in.There are some surprises waiting for you too. Wait until you try unlocking one of the boxes. Yeeuch. Or until you search the wrong skeleton. Aaagh. Dragontorc is an excellent game. It makes a good film as well. Catch it on our local Spectrum.
Home Computing Weekly (Mar 05, 1985)
In conclusion I must say that if you like this sort of game then Dragontorc is for you, however this game dos take a lot of getting used to and I wouldn't recommend it to a beginner.
Sinclair User (May, 1985)
Although the graphics are relatively simple, they are clearly defined and scroll in four directions. However, when Maroc is in motion, the scrolling is jerky and can be distracting. Avalon fans will love Dragon Torc, which is more user friendly. The puzzles are well hidden and tricky. If you have never played Avalon, however, start with Dragon Torc, it is the better game.
Your Spectrum (Jun, 1985)
Ding-dong! It's Avalon calling again ... More of the same and just as satisfying.
Your Computer (May, 1985)
The graphics are rough — scrolling, sacrificing smoothness for colour, so sometimes irritating to the eyes. But I am sure that the actual mechanics of the game will prove an irresistible addictive factor to adventure fanatics.