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Crash! (May, 1990)
This is amazing. I could not believe my eyes when I first played Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O' Fun! You could just as easily be watching a cartoon on the telly instead of playing on your Spectrum! The graphics are simply amazing. Big, detailed sprites have been packed into various animated sequences. Backgrounds on all the events are equally astounding and the scrolling is superbly smooth. What more could you ask for? Hundreds of little jingles, tunes and effects are here too, despite the Speccy's weak point. Each circus event is excellent, packed full of addictiveness and will definitely bring a titter or two when Fiendish Freddy makes things go terribly wrong. Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O' Fun is the best game I've seen in yonks. Run away with the circus today.
Your Sinclair (Jun, 1990)
On the whole though I really liked Fiendish Freddy - the graphics are brilliant and amusing, there's nice sound, lots of variety and a copious dollop of gameplay. The better you get at the game, or indeed each separate sub-game, the more you'll cut the multiloading to a minimum. Basically, I'm going to mark this one highly, but take that mark as being for the disk(s) version. I fear that on cassette you'll end up spending more time loading Fiendish Freddy than playing it (especially it you're crap!).
The 16-bit versions of this circus game worked well because the programmers were able to make maximum use of the advanced graphics and sound on those machines to get the funniest effects. This is a brave attempt to do the same on the Spectrum, but unfortunately the game doesn't quite come off with just two colours and feeble sound.