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Forgotten Worlds Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

This screen displays as the game loads. A countdown timer gives an indication of progress and remaining load time
This screen is displayed once the game has loaded. Its accompanied by spacey like music, all techno drums and high pitched wobbly sounds.
The game can be played in 2-player mode. This is a single player game start and the scores for the missing 2nd player are still displayed
The first wave of enemies are mini space ships
Then come the not-so-little green en. Sometimes things that have been shot leave blue tokens behind that can be collected
The green men will aim up & down as well as straight ahead
After green men with guns there comes green men with bigger guns
The red guys at the bottom are hard to kill because they're hard to see
For no apparent reason the way ahead is blocked by an odd array of symbols. These cannot be picked up and must be blasted
Once past the symbols and some more green men, the shop appears by rising up from the ground
The player has 30 seconds to buy something. This is a different gun
Now I shoot blue things ahead and red things at 45 degree angles. New bad guys ahead
Further on the player enters a cavern with gun emplacements
Luckily the player can shoot up at the overhead guns ...
... and of course the player can shoot down as well